[fanfic] First Sensations

There was a first time for everything.

A first step with eyes unclouded by a slave crown. The sensation of feeling cold. The sensation of her world growing a fraction larger. They weren’t unpleasant sensations but firsts all the same. To a young woman who had spent years under the control of people who thought she was nothing more than a tool, seeing her breath mist white in the wintry air left Terra enthralled with wonder.

Her companions watched her look at the flakes of snow falling gently, eyes alight with the pleasure of a simple beauty with kind looks on their faces. It belied the image of a warrior as they walked with purpose through the snowfields towards their next destination. The layers of grime on their bodies had layers of grime. Edgar and Bannon were discussing strategy for the upcoming negotiations. Snow was blowing in every direction, weaving an intricate dance pattern in the frigid air.

It left Locke to keep an eye on the girl. She had marched hesitantly through the snowfields of Narshe in the beginning before the snow had caught her eye and left her awestruck. Their cloaks whipped around their feet as a warm smile broached Terra’s face. Her hand didn’t stray far from the sword belted at her hip in case of any danger but still, there was an innocence in her reaction that left the treasure hunter and the others soon afterwards thinking wistfully of simpler times.

The snow may have gone on for countless miles with no end in sight, but the innocent joy from one who’d forgotten what those feelings were like was enough to melt the heart of even the mightiest of foes.


[fanfic] First Watch

They all sat around a cheery campfire in silence. There was nothing to say this evening and the day’s journey had been tiring. They were all wounded to various degrees from the monsters that couldn’t take a hint but a little white magic took care of those wounds with relative ease. There were two missing from their circle with the excuse of taking the first watch. It was never an easy job but they had all taken their turn at the dreaded role when the sun slowly sank into the eastern horizon.

Naturally, the children in their group were spared the duty under the assumption of being too young to do an adults work. As the children were wrapped in their sleeping rolls for the night by those charged with their care, one had been at work, brewing tea for the first set of guards. It was Sabin’s favourite tea that he’d brought along in a cherished canister from his mountain home and was mixed with care into the water before two steaming mugs of the brew were presented to the guards with care.
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