[fanfic] Sanctuary

They don’t happen very often but there’s times when Selphie needs a break.  She needs some peace and quiet and a shoulder to lean on as I’ve come to learn through our journey together.  She’ll talk to Irvine and Quistis about everything but when she wants a bit of time to herself, she comes to me.  She talks for a little bit but eventually, she goes silent and leans against me.  Of course, everybody wonders where she’s run off to without so much as a word.  I can’t say that I blame them for that but if she wants time to herself, I’m not about to deny her that liberty.

We all want time alone sometimes.

Like this very moment where she’s curled a small hand around one of mind and her head is bowed to the point where I can’t see her eyes through her bangs.  I can tell when someone needs time to think as the others have learned about me over these past few months.  Even as her hands tremble, shoulders start shaking and she sniffles a few times, I won’t make her talk about it until she is ready for it.  She doesn’t need to be as strong as she appears all the time and that’s all she wants.

Sometimes, Rinoa will be there and they will do the same thing that we’re doing right now.  They’ll talk for a little bit, Rinoa will wrap her arms around the smaller girl and Selphie lets it all out.  All the anger, frustration and disbelief that she keeps inside.  It’s amazing how someone who can be so full of energy and spirit can truthfully be so damaged inside.  She doesn’t need to say a word, the two of us just know that she’s hurting; we all do.


I look down at her, genuinely curious.  “Yes, Selphie?”

“Is it okay if I stay here again tonight?” She asks me shyly.

She seems to find comfort in my being nearby.  I’ve been there when she’s woken up in the middle of the night screaming from nightmares and held her close until she calmed down.  This is the side of Selphie that only those that she trusts inexplicably will ever get to see.

She’s just as weak as the rest of us as I nod my head.  I’d been given the bonus of a double sized dorm room since my return and Selphie knows that she’s always welcome here.  I’ll let her take the bed and I’ll claim the couch.  We’re all working through the issues that came up thanks to the war and sudden celebrity status that comes along with it.  A lot of people figured that Selphie would be the perfect spokesperson for Garden.  She surprised everybody when she declined the offer that the Headmaster made.

“I’m a SeeD,” Selphie had stated firmly.  “I can’t protect the people I care about if I’m always out and about telling people how great and wonderful Garden.  If you ask me, that’s something for people to decide on their own.” Were the words that came out of her mouth that day as everyone in the room stared at her for quite some time.

Nobody knew why she’d refused the position in the end.  Selphie is Selphie and if she doesn’t want to do something than she’s not going to do it.  I would hear occasional whispers about it but the surprise it left behind in its wake died down after a couple of days.  SeeD doesn’t have time to gossip when there are still people out there who need our help.  We had accomplished our main objective for the time being and helping with relief efforts had taken top priority.

A quick squeeze of my hand brings my gaze down to Selphie.

“You’re doing your overthinking thing again,” she teases as I roll my eyes at her.

“I’ve got a lot of things on my mind these days,” I replied after a prolonged silence.

“Well, you can always tell me.  Or any of us really.”

A smile forms on my face as I nod and she curls in closer in response.  “I know, Selphie.”


I glanced up at the clock and said, “It’s getting late.”

I didn’t get a response.  Looking down, I saw Selphie’s eyes were closed and she looks peaceful curled up against me asleep.  She’s easy enough to move to my bed as she burrows into the comforter after it’s pulled up over her.

This room just isn’t my sanctuary.

[fanfic] The Big Top

Question to the readers of the blog! Would you like me to post the fandom that I’m writing for in the subject as well as if it is [fanfic] or [original] like I’ve been doing all along? Please let me know what you think! 🙂

Today’s fanfic is derived from the tales_100 prompt of Circus but is for Final Fantasy 8.

Twelve sets of  hands were linked together hand in hand as they stared up at the gigantic red and white striped tent that loomed over top of them all.  There were quips from the boys about how holding hands was for girls but Matron Edea shushed them quickly before smiling kindly at her children.

“Matwon,” Selphie asked curiously while scoffing at the dusty ground with a shoe.  “Where are we?”

“Well,” Edea began.  “This place is called a circus, Selphie.”
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[fanfic] Little Bodies

Long time no post!  NaNoWriMo burnt me right out so I ended up taking a bit of a posting break.  But Scattered Thoughts is back!

In the beginning, there was one. An unruly little boy who didn’t care what anybody thought. If he wanted to do something, then he did it regardless of what anyone thought. There was one particular day in the middle of June. It was a hot summer day and his guardian was having a party and didn’t have time to play with him. The boy — whose name was Seifer Almasy — decided to take it upon himself to wandering through the party in his birthday day much to the disdain of his guardian. He was sent back to the Orphanage by the end of the week.

Then there was two. In came little Zell Dincht who had just lost his parents in the war. He was a crybaby and clung to Matron with a constant dribble of drool coming out of his mouth. He chewed on everything he could get his hands on. There was one time in the early onsets of winter around Seifer’s birthday where he’d gotten an action figure he’d wanted for ages and what did Zell do? He chewed the figure’s head off and as thanks for Seifer losing his temper and smacking the little boy for what he’d done, the figure was never replaced.
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[fanfic] Paying our Respects

Written for the prompt Remember from dailyprompt over at Dreamwidth!

It was a day to remember.

The war had ended some six months ago.  Everyone had mostly recovered from their injuries.  Those who hadn’t fully recovered were there with their fellow SeeD in spirit.  Uniforms were freshly pressed and worn with pride.  Boots were polished to a pristine state.  Those that had survived the second Sorceress War stood at attention in the Quad waiting for the six who had done the impossible.  Those who could not stand were given chairs as the sun shone on the gathered group.

There was nervous chatter amongst those who had gathered.  There was always a reason for a gathering of this many SeeD but none of them had been informed of the details.  A debriefing?  A new mission perhaps?  Another war had started out somewhere on the planet and they were needed to go and put an end to it?  There were numerous theories running through the air when the doors to the Quad opened for a second time that morning.  Those in attendance looked over to see the six.

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[fanfic] Reflections in the Wind

Written using the prompt for Squall “Sometimes I drive so I can be alone.”

Sometimes I drive, so I can be alone.  Some may find it pitiful for a man who has everything that life could ever offer him to want to be alone when he could be immersed in a life of glitz, glitter and more litres of champagne than I could ever count.

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[fanfic] Moving On

The house that runs out of sugar is never a pretty thing. It is sadly a horrible thing to have happen on a rainy day when all there is to do is to bake cookies. It was a lovely way to pass the time as it filled the house with the smell of melting chocolate. The children gathered at the scrubbed butcher block they used as a table. Glasses of milk were sitting in anticipation of the warm cookies about to eaten alongside their coolness.

“Are they done yet Matron?” a little brunette girl asked. Her hair was styled in an odd fashion but the girl refused to change it.

That little girl was a younger version of Selphie Tilmitt who truly loved the chocolate chip cookies that were baked especially on rainy days. It brought a sparkle to her eyes that were usually dimmed on sour days such as these.
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[fanfic] Beets


“Beets? Why beets Squall?”

“Because they’re good for you, Selphie.”

“You’re not making me eat them are you?”

“Quit stabbing at them with your fork and just try it. You might like it.”



“They smell horrible! Why can’t we have the canned ones?”

“Because the fresh ones are better for you.”

“How can you eat them?”

“A little butter goes a long way.”

“They still taste gross!”

“… …”

“Fine then. Silence it is!”

“… Why don’t you like them?”

“I don’t know… I used to like them when I was a kid but now… I can’t stand the smell of them being cooked or the taste they leave in your mouth when you’re done eating them! They’re sooooo gross!”

“Then why did you take some?”

“Because you did?”


“Well, they didn’t give me a lot of choice. It was either beets, or brussel sprouts.”

“Eat the brussel sprouts.”


[fanfic] Tears in Heaven

Title: Tears in Heaven
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Prompt: Birth Parents

“Tell me about your parents!”

“I don’t remember them…”

“Whaddya mean ya don’t remember ‘em?”

“I don’t remember them, okay?!”

“Hey hey guys, don’t make the new kid cry.  I hear she watched ‘em die.”



“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

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[fanfic] Fate

Title: Fate
Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII (first crossover!)
Characters: Yuffie Kisaragi, Selphie Tilmitt, Zell Dincht, Squall Leonhart

Destiny.  That’s what two little troublemakers from two completely different worlds would call it later on.  The worlds had been connected through some mysterious force and Balamb Garden had wound up just off the shores of Wutai.  Selphie Tilmitt, part of the Garden Welcome Wagon as she’d dubbed it was one of the first SeeD’s to set foot into the Ninja Village.  The Pagoda looming in the background had Selphie’s eyes wide with wonder to the point that she didn’t notice the giant shuriken flying in her direction until the very last moment as she thrust her nunchaku out and deflected the deadly sounding blow into a nearby pine tree.

The perky brunette’s hands went right to her hips and she cast an annoyed glance at the young woman blocking their only way into town.  Zell and Squall were shifting into battle positions as Selphie glanced at the trees around them and heard the odd twig snapping on the ground as she joined her friends in getting ready for a fight.  It probably wasn’t the best idea of their little squad to let Selphie take point as it usually led to all kinds of trouble.
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