[poetry] A Word from the Wise

To you who work in Customer Service –
Consider this a word from the wise.

Do not give lip to your bread and butter
For never shall it grease your wheel.
The rust will envelop your spokes
And leave you thus to squander.

If your bread and butter is older than you
Respect it, you must!
If not for that bread, you would be nothing!
An insignificant fleck of dust.
The foulest of dander surrounds your countenance.

Learn from this, you must!
The bread and butter is always right.
Ne’er shall it lead you astray.
Heed these words from one wiser than yourself.

Egotism shall never show you the way
But the route most humble always shall.

[fanfic/lyrics] One and Only Treasure

Author’s Note: These lyrics are inspired by the lyrics of the beautiful song Ichiban no Takaramono by LiSA and are sung to the same melody.  Ichiban no Takaramono is an insert song for the character Yui from the anime Angel Beats!  Which reminds me that I really need to give this series a rewatch and keep the tissues handy.

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