[fanfic] Honesty is the Best Policy

It’s late and the room is dim with the exception of the lamp by my bedside. I can’t quite seem to settle down and I can’t stop smiling.

You see, there’s this girl and I’ve liked her since we were kids in the Orphanage together. I knew from right then and there that I was meant to be with that girl whose eyes were so full of life. I’ll never leave her and she’s the reason why I gave up chasing skirts.

Really. Irvine Kinneas is officially a retired womaniser thanks to one Selphie Tilmitt. Like, being head over heels in love with your best friend can have a crazy effect on a guy. One second you’d do anything to get a date with the newest, prettiest cadet in Garden and then Selphie came back into my life and reminded me of who was my one and only. I’ll forever hold her above all the others and I’ll treasure her always.

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[fanfic] The Big Top

Question to the readers of the blog! Would you like me to post the fandom that I’m writing for in the subject as well as if it is [fanfic] or [original] like I’ve been doing all along? Please let me know what you think! 🙂

Today’s fanfic is derived from the tales_100 prompt of Circus but is for Final Fantasy 8.

Twelve sets of  hands were linked together hand in hand as they stared up at the gigantic red and white striped tent that loomed over top of them all.  There were quips from the boys about how holding hands was for girls but Matron Edea shushed them quickly before smiling kindly at her children.

“Matwon,” Selphie asked curiously while scoffing at the dusty ground with a shoe.  “Where are we?”

“Well,” Edea began.  “This place is called a circus, Selphie.”
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[fanfic] I’ll Hold Onto You

You’re getting way too good at living your own lies…
– Hold Onto You by Default

She’d never been good with goodbyes.

Selphie stood in front of two matching tombstones. The names read Tilmitt in deeply etched serif script as the wind picked up and gusted past. Standing there was hard but there were strong, supportive hands upon her shoulders before she crouched down in a green sundress and placed a bouquet of roses before the stones. She hugged herself tightly as if she was cold but she couldn’t seem to find the words to say.

She couldn’t remember a thing about her parents. What did they look like? What did they sound like? Were they the gentle folk that Selphie had always imagined them to be? Thousands of thoughts were running through her mind before she finally found the words to say. This wasn’t like standing in front of the graves of her friends back at Trabia. These were the parents she would never know and it stabbed at her heart repeatedly.
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[fanfic] Little Bodies

Long time no post!  NaNoWriMo burnt me right out so I ended up taking a bit of a posting break.  But Scattered Thoughts is back!

In the beginning, there was one. An unruly little boy who didn’t care what anybody thought. If he wanted to do something, then he did it regardless of what anyone thought. There was one particular day in the middle of June. It was a hot summer day and his guardian was having a party and didn’t have time to play with him. The boy — whose name was Seifer Almasy — decided to take it upon himself to wandering through the party in his birthday day much to the disdain of his guardian. He was sent back to the Orphanage by the end of the week.

Then there was two. In came little Zell Dincht who had just lost his parents in the war. He was a crybaby and clung to Matron with a constant dribble of drool coming out of his mouth. He chewed on everything he could get his hands on. There was one time in the early onsets of winter around Seifer’s birthday where he’d gotten an action figure he’d wanted for ages and what did Zell do? He chewed the figure’s head off and as thanks for Seifer losing his temper and smacking the little boy for what he’d done, the figure was never replaced.
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[fanfic] Paying our Respects

Written for the prompt Remember from dailyprompt over at Dreamwidth!

It was a day to remember.

The war had ended some six months ago.  Everyone had mostly recovered from their injuries.  Those who hadn’t fully recovered were there with their fellow SeeD in spirit.  Uniforms were freshly pressed and worn with pride.  Boots were polished to a pristine state.  Those that had survived the second Sorceress War stood at attention in the Quad waiting for the six who had done the impossible.  Those who could not stand were given chairs as the sun shone on the gathered group.

There was nervous chatter amongst those who had gathered.  There was always a reason for a gathering of this many SeeD but none of them had been informed of the details.  A debriefing?  A new mission perhaps?  Another war had started out somewhere on the planet and they were needed to go and put an end to it?  There were numerous theories running through the air when the doors to the Quad opened for a second time that morning.  Those in attendance looked over to see the six.

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[fanfic] Well Earned Rest

“We’re finally home!” Selphie exclaimed as she rushed into the apartment with elation.  She kicked off her shoes and flopped backward onto the couch in the living room as Irvine’s laughter filled the room.

“Of course we’re home Sefie,” he said casually.  He was working on yanking off a boot as he sent his hat flying over to the couch.  “I think we’ve earned the time off.”

“Totally!” the perky brunette replied with a yawn.  “I’m bushed Irvy.”

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[fanfic] Untitled

The prompt was Dirty and was found over at FFVIII_100 over at Dreamwidth! 😀

They were tired, worn and weary as the three of them gingerly trudged up the steps into the SeeD car. There was a week’s worth of blood, sweat and general grime from their mission and the trio could hardly stay awake. Irvine had an arm wrapped protectively around Selphie’s shoulders as he guided her inside.

Her arms and legs were covered in red, angry wounds and the girls head was bowed with exhaustion as Irvine got her settled on the bed. Quistis was by her side seconds later, her face was taut with concern.

“She’ll be fine Quisty,” Irvine said.

[fanfic] All to Myself

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Prompt: Infatuation
Character: Irvine, talking about Selphie.

I can’t get enough of her. She’s the only one for me. I’d give anything to be with her for the rest of our days.

The sun catching in her hair and that sunny smile of hers. That zest for life that pours out into everything she touches. Nothing holds her back or keeps her down for long. If I could bottle that light, I would without a doubt.

But I won’t. I can’t. I’d rather keep it all to myself. I’d rather keep her all to myself. I know her better than anyone.

If only she’d let me in.

[fanfic] Moving On

The house that runs out of sugar is never a pretty thing. It is sadly a horrible thing to have happen on a rainy day when all there is to do is to bake cookies. It was a lovely way to pass the time as it filled the house with the smell of melting chocolate. The children gathered at the scrubbed butcher block they used as a table. Glasses of milk were sitting in anticipation of the warm cookies about to eaten alongside their coolness.

“Are they done yet Matron?” a little brunette girl asked. Her hair was styled in an odd fashion but the girl refused to change it.

That little girl was a younger version of Selphie Tilmitt who truly loved the chocolate chip cookies that were baked especially on rainy days. It brought a sparkle to her eyes that were usually dimmed on sour days such as these.
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