[fanfic] Ended in Disaster

They had failed.

They couldn’t stop him and it took everything they had to escape that crumbling, floating continent with their lives in tact. The collective heart of the group was heavy with the gloom that they hadn’t achieved their goal. With the exception of Setzer, the group watched with varying degrees of despair and horror as everything they had fought to protect fell apart. Locke and Celes in particular were staring at the ground thousand of feet below them as the power of the Warring Triad wrecked havoc, their hair blowing into their eyes.

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[fanfic] First Sensations

There was a first time for everything.

A first step with eyes unclouded by a slave crown. The sensation of feeling cold. The sensation of her world growing a fraction larger. They weren’t unpleasant sensations but firsts all the same. To a young woman who had spent years under the control of people who thought she was nothing more than a tool, seeing her breath mist white in the wintry air left Terra enthralled with wonder.

Her companions watched her look at the flakes of snow falling gently, eyes alight with the pleasure of a simple beauty with kind looks on their faces. It belied the image of a warrior as they walked with purpose through the snowfields towards their next destination. The layers of grime on their bodies had layers of grime. Edgar and Bannon were discussing strategy for the upcoming negotiations. Snow was blowing in every direction, weaving an intricate dance pattern in the frigid air.

It left Locke to keep an eye on the girl. She had marched hesitantly through the snowfields of Narshe in the beginning before the snow had caught her eye and left her awestruck. Their cloaks whipped around their feet as a warm smile broached Terra’s face. Her hand didn’t stray far from the sword belted at her hip in case of any danger but still, there was an innocence in her reaction that left the treasure hunter and the others soon afterwards thinking wistfully of simpler times.

The snow may have gone on for countless miles with no end in sight, but the innocent joy from one who’d forgotten what those feelings were like was enough to melt the heart of even the mightiest of foes.


[fanfic] Twilight Memories

It was late at night, and everyone had retired for the night.  It was cold and starless, and Locke could see his breath misting in the air despite being nearest to the fire.  Scanning the placid faces of his companions, he realized that the girls had curled up together near the fire.  Sabin’s loud snoring made Locke debated the pros and cons of stuffing a pair of the Monk’s socks in his mouth.

Even as Locke smirked at the idea, the treasure hunter didn’t have a death wish and decided against it.  The rest of their companions had lucked out and won a coveted place in one of their tents.  He found himself cursing Setzer because he knew he’d been swindled.  They all could choose their game or deciding factor of choice and Locke was terrible at poker.  One hand had decided his fate and left him feeling that the Gambler had stacked his deck.

“Next time, rock paper scissors…” Locke breathed out softly as he stretched his calloused hands out toward the fire.  They were stiff with cold.  Getting stuck with first watch without the luxury of a sleeping roll, to wrap himself in was making it difficult to focus on looking out for monsters.

Before long, his thoughts had wandered from monsters and back to a happier time.

He was young again.  Happy again.  An innocent boy of eight, playing with his childhood friends in Kohlingen.  Their preferred game had always been rock paper scissors.  The Treasure Hunter had become quite adept at the game and never had to go up to the unsuspecting girls scaring the daylights out of them.

All of them except Rachel.  She’d always given chase to the boy charged with the task to the delight and unrestrained delight of those who’d sneaked out of their certain doom.  Her sharp screams as she gave chase to the boy who was practically begging for mercy always made Locke smile fondly.  Those were peaceful times that ended when the Empire invaded Kohlingen.  The childhood friends were all gone after that, and a sharp guilt had encased Locke’s heart.

He expelled a shaky breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and was greeted with the piercing stare of Celes peering at him curiously.  He jumped up from his perch near the fire, heart racing and eyes practically jumping out of his head.

“You’re supposed to be keeping watch,” she said matter-of-factly.

“O-oh… right,” he admitted.  “I was just –”

“—Thinking about Rachel,” Celes finished for him.

Locke sighed as he sank down next to the former General and stared into the glowing embers their fire had become.  He poked it with a nearby stick before tossing another log onto the blaze.  “I’m that easy to figure out am I?”

She placed a gloved hand on his shoulder as he placed his own over it.  “You’re a fairly easy read,” she supplied coolly.

With a sheepish laugh, Locke looked over at her as she placed her sword across her lap.  “How long was I daydreaming?”

The General shrugged her shoulders.  “Long enough for your watch to be over.  Get some rest, we’re heading out at dawn.  Here,” she said as she produced her neatly rolled bedroll.  “Yours is in the tent.  Use mine.”

Locke was genuinely surprised by this.  Eventually, his surprised look softened into a grateful look as he took the bedding, unrolled it and made himself comfortable.  He felt Celes’ hand running through his hair, and it felt calm and was lulling him to sleep.

“Thanks,” Locke mumbled tiredly, wondering if she was casting sleep on him.

“You’re welcome,” she said with thinly veiled humour.  “Rest now.”

He did.

[Fanfic] Go

Having acquired a strong distaste for taverns, Sabin rarely found himself inside them. What had possibly brought him to such a location was beyond him even as his feet set through the door. The blond was out of place with the usual bar crowd, blue eyes scanning the insides for the person who had called him here. Where was that hustler in the first place, he thought as he walked further into the throng of drunkards singing the praises of the local brew.

This place is disgusting…

“Did you try looking behind you old friend?” a voice laced with amusement called out from behind Sabin, forcing the blond to spin around and stare at his friend.

Setzer laughed before patting the fighter’s shoulder. “Sabin you’ll look like quite the fool if you stand there with your jaw hanging open like that. How will you ever continue the bloodline if you act like that?”

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[fanfic] A Living Weapon

“Leo knew Kefka was using me as a weapon.  Did you?”

The question had Celes staring at her companion in a state of surprise.  Everyone in their group knew that Terra had been used as a weapon by the Empire long before she had ever joined the resistance to save their word.  It was such a loaded question and Celes didn’t know how to answer it in a way that would sound kind.

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[NaNoWriMo 2011 Project] Of a Demon in My View: Chapter Three

No one had ever had a stronger will than Diablos. In fact, he was nigh near untamable. It was part of the reason he kept getting locked away. But not this time. This time he was going to make sure that he stayed out by getting the best of his keeper. He wouldn’t allow her to tame him. He wouldn’t be enslaved to her or to his lamp any longer. He would be free at last, truly free. And he would burn that damn scroll so that he couldn’t be put back in his lamp. Or…His yellow eyes shifted back to his prison briefly. Or he could get rid of the lamp. Continue reading

[NaNoWriMo 2011 Project] Of a Demon in My View: Chapter Two

Rydia wondered if the legendary eidolon could hear her heart pounding in her chest. To be in his presence was suffocating. His power was unfamiliar and dangerous from what she could tell. He peered down at her with slanted, demonic yellow eyes, snorting softly through his wide nostrils. He was the most frightening thing she’d ever seen, even more so than Bahamut. She wondered if he knew of the dragon god, or if the dragon god knew of the legendary eidolon, whose name she still didn’t know. Continue reading

[NaNoWriMo 2011 Project] Of a Demon In My Veiw: Chapter One

Summary:  Edgar gets more than he bargains for when he gives Rydia her birthday present: an old lamp with an ancient eidolon inside. Diablos/Rydia/Edgar; warnings posted per chapter

Warnings: None

It was an old, dusty thing, covered with tarnish and what looked to be rust. Rydia stared at it, the dull surface making the color of her hair seem dirty in her distorted reflection. She took a small breath, blowing away some dust with a gentle puff of wind. The tiny particles invaded her nostrils, making her sneeze. A white handkerchief was dangled over her petite shoulder, offered by her attentive husband. She took it, looking back briefly to smile at the blonde, then wiped her nose with one swipe of the cloth.

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[fanfic] Getting Dirty

Written for Suzume using her prompt for Final Fantasy VI “cleaning house” in the housing posting over at fic_promptly over at Dreamwidth. Links are in the links page!

Hope you all don’t mind poop! I couldn’t help myself. ^^;;

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