[fanfic] Twilight Memories

It was late at night, and everyone had retired for the night.  It was cold and starless, and Locke could see his breath misting in the air despite being nearest to the fire.  Scanning the placid faces of his companions, he realized that the girls had curled up together near the fire.  Sabin’s loud snoring made Locke debated the pros and cons of stuffing a pair of the Monk’s socks in his mouth.

Even as Locke smirked at the idea, the treasure hunter didn’t have a death wish and decided against it.  The rest of their companions had lucked out and won a coveted place in one of their tents.  He found himself cursing Setzer because he knew he’d been swindled.  They all could choose their game or deciding factor of choice and Locke was terrible at poker.  One hand had decided his fate and left him feeling that the Gambler had stacked his deck.

“Next time, rock paper scissors…” Locke breathed out softly as he stretched his calloused hands out toward the fire.  They were stiff with cold.  Getting stuck with first watch without the luxury of a sleeping roll, to wrap himself in was making it difficult to focus on looking out for monsters.

Before long, his thoughts had wandered from monsters and back to a happier time.

He was young again.  Happy again.  An innocent boy of eight, playing with his childhood friends in Kohlingen.  Their preferred game had always been rock paper scissors.  The Treasure Hunter had become quite adept at the game and never had to go up to the unsuspecting girls scaring the daylights out of them.

All of them except Rachel.  She’d always given chase to the boy charged with the task to the delight and unrestrained delight of those who’d sneaked out of their certain doom.  Her sharp screams as she gave chase to the boy who was practically begging for mercy always made Locke smile fondly.  Those were peaceful times that ended when the Empire invaded Kohlingen.  The childhood friends were all gone after that, and a sharp guilt had encased Locke’s heart.

He expelled a shaky breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and was greeted with the piercing stare of Celes peering at him curiously.  He jumped up from his perch near the fire, heart racing and eyes practically jumping out of his head.

“You’re supposed to be keeping watch,” she said matter-of-factly.

“O-oh… right,” he admitted.  “I was just –”

“—Thinking about Rachel,” Celes finished for him.

Locke sighed as he sank down next to the former General and stared into the glowing embers their fire had become.  He poked it with a nearby stick before tossing another log onto the blaze.  “I’m that easy to figure out am I?”

She placed a gloved hand on his shoulder as he placed his own over it.  “You’re a fairly easy read,” she supplied coolly.

With a sheepish laugh, Locke looked over at her as she placed her sword across her lap.  “How long was I daydreaming?”

The General shrugged her shoulders.  “Long enough for your watch to be over.  Get some rest, we’re heading out at dawn.  Here,” she said as she produced her neatly rolled bedroll.  “Yours is in the tent.  Use mine.”

Locke was genuinely surprised by this.  Eventually, his surprised look softened into a grateful look as he took the bedding, unrolled it and made himself comfortable.  He felt Celes’ hand running through his hair, and it felt calm and was lulling him to sleep.

“Thanks,” Locke mumbled tiredly, wondering if she was casting sleep on him.

“You’re welcome,” she said with thinly veiled humour.  “Rest now.”

He did.

[poetry] To My Dearest Friends

Here we have ourselves, a Valediction! Also known as, an elaborate way of saying goodbye to someone. Or in this, so long.


Goodbyes are hard enough as it is.

But when people just disappear all the time,

It’s hard to keep going after

Everything that’s happened.

But here I sit, writing this letter.

For me though, it’s not goodbye;

More like “So long.”

For every little thing you’ve done for me,

I can’t thank you enough.

You’ve always been there,

Through thick and thin, good and bad.

You let me lean on your when I cried,

Took care of me when I was sick or hurt.

The time we fought or

Trained together meant the world to me.

You guys are part of my family;

And they’re a ll so precious to me.

We’ve laugh and cried, screamed

And shouted. But please understand

That I never wanted to leave.

I’m not the kinda gal to beg

So put up with it just this once for my sake?

Don’t ever forget me.

I’ll never forget you.

We’ll meet again someday

I just know it!

We’re bonded together now

In a very tight chain.

Our links will never be apart.

Just like I’ll never be apart

From you.

So long my dear friends,

We’ll be together soon.

[poetry] Concentrated Badassery

She walks in beauty, like the night

Alone in thoughts, constant remorse;

Sword in hand, she starts the fighting

Strength and her brawn the only course;

She’ll fight for what she thinks is right

Justice is her mightiest force.

Basking in moonlit afterthoughts

Her breath, a cooling, wispy mist;

Looking down, she spots a small pot

With glinting contents in her midst;

She’s bold and reaches like a bot

Checking off found gold from her list.

She runs, like a thief without guilt

Through the city she calls her home;

Her base that she carefully built

Is well concealed her humble Rome;

Plundering the rust coloured silt

Her victory flawless in chrome.

[original] The Knight and the Dragon

(The following story was based upon the writing prompt shown on the left. It may seem a bit juvenile but I wrote it with younger readers in mind!)

    Once upon a time in a land far away lived a kindly old knight. He was very wise for a man of his years and had trained many great knights in his time. Many of those knights had gone on to do many great deeds but that is a story for another day.

    The kindly old knight wore his armor with care. It shone from hours of meticulous attention as the sun’s rays bounced off it happily. With his shield on his right arm and his mighty sword strapped to his back, he was busy walking the trail toward what many thought was a town to rest for the night. Little did those he passed know that he was off to visit his dear friend the old, wise dragon.

    Now who would’ve thought that there would ever be a dragon that man would be friends with? Well this was no ordinary dragon. He was rather small for a dragon and didn’t have many dragon friends as a result. The dragon also didn’t like to terrorize the countryside and have knights from all over the world coming to slay him. He guarded no treasure nor did he breathe any fire. He was merely a small blue dragon with hide the colour of the ocean and carefully filed claws.

    The knight with his long white beard and matching moustache marched along the trail between the farmlands with purpose and the country folk paid him no mind. They thought that he was on patrol to protect the people from brigands and that was all right with them. He walked for quite some time through the rolling countryside hills dotted with brush and outlined with the bright green treetops on the horizon until at last he came to the cave where the dragon lived.

    “Hello, my friend!” the knight called into the mouth of the jagged cave. “Are you home?”

    “I am, my friend Bob.” the dragon replied with a raspy lisp. He was a very polite dragon and always spoke to his friends with great respect. “I have just put on some tea, would you like to join me for a cup?”

    “I thought you’d never ask, Steve.”

    Bob entered the cave without caution as this was not your typical dragon. The fragrant smell of Steve’s tea filled the air as the knight went into the well-lit home and settled himself on an old wooden stool. The duo engaged in the usual pleasantries between the two of them. The kids were doing fine and making names for themselves, the wives were fine and the kingdom they called home was at peace. Bob and Steve talked with each other for quite some time before Bob rose to his feet.

    “I’m afraid that I must be on my way back home, my friend,” Bob explained. “My wife is expecting me home and I must not be late.”

    With a rumbling laugh, Steve bobbed his head. “Just one minute, Bob.”

    Steve went into the kitchen of his home and returned a few moments later with a carefully wrapped package in his hands. It was a freshly prepared sweet bread for the old dragon had grown tired of the taste of meat and had turned to sweets instead.

    “For your wife and children my friend,” Steve said as he held the package out to Bob which he took with pride.

    “Thank you, my friend. I’m sure that we’ll enjoy it greatly. You’ve always baked the sweetest treats for me and my family.”

    “I am glad to hear that,” Steve replied as Bob made his way out of the cave to start his journey back to his village.

    Steve stood at the entrance to his cave and watched Bob walk over the hills until he could no longer see his friend on the horizon. He knew that his friend would visit him again sometime in the future months as he went back inside his cave to enjoy the rest of his day in contentment.

[original] Failed Compassion 101

Prommpt #133 – Loyalty courtesy of fiction drabbles over at Dreamwidth!

“We can’t just leave them,” the blonde pleaded as she was dragged away.

“We have no choice,” the brusque male snapped irritably.

“Those’re our friends, they need our help,” she begged on the verge of tears as she dug her heels into the ground.

“There’s no helping them now,” he grunted before tugging sharply on her arm.

“No…” she sobbed before stumbling forward into his arms.  She felt a sharp pinch at the back of her neck before her body began going numb.

“I’m sorry, it’s the only way.” he said as she sagged against him.

“It never is… never.”

[original] Stubborn Pride

Prompt #132 – Right over at fiction_drabble on Dreamwidth

The boy was stubborn to a fault and nothing he said was ever wrong.  It was the same tedious, redundant argument day after day with the boy.  His teacher could see the stubborn glint forming in his eyes as she began their next lesson.

It always happened during history lessons.  He always had an opinion about what those countries could’ve done to prevent their wars, famines and disasters and despite it being pointed out that time travel would never happen in their lifetimes, the boy always quipped the same phrase.

“I’m gonna do it and nobody’s ever gonna stop me!”


[fanfic] Paying our Respects

Written for the prompt Remember from dailyprompt over at Dreamwidth!

It was a day to remember.

The war had ended some six months ago.  Everyone had mostly recovered from their injuries.  Those who hadn’t fully recovered were there with their fellow SeeD in spirit.  Uniforms were freshly pressed and worn with pride.  Boots were polished to a pristine state.  Those that had survived the second Sorceress War stood at attention in the Quad waiting for the six who had done the impossible.  Those who could not stand were given chairs as the sun shone on the gathered group.

There was nervous chatter amongst those who had gathered.  There was always a reason for a gathering of this many SeeD but none of them had been informed of the details.  A debriefing?  A new mission perhaps?  Another war had started out somewhere on the planet and they were needed to go and put an end to it?  There were numerous theories running through the air when the doors to the Quad opened for a second time that morning.  Those in attendance looked over to see the six.

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[fanfic] Reflections in the Wind

Written using the prompt for Squall “Sometimes I drive so I can be alone.”

Sometimes I drive, so I can be alone.  Some may find it pitiful for a man who has everything that life could ever offer him to want to be alone when he could be immersed in a life of glitz, glitter and more litres of champagne than I could ever count.

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[fanfic] Getting Dirty

Written for Suzume using her prompt for Final Fantasy VI “cleaning house” in the housing posting over at fic_promptly over at Dreamwidth. Links are in the links page!

Hope you all don’t mind poop! I couldn’t help myself. ^^;;

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[original] Weak and Strong

Inspired by the prompt “Reach” at fiction drabbles over at dreamwidth and it kinda… took on a mind of it’s own.

The light was in reach.

A higher sort of peace enveloped the girl as she quickened toward it with renewed haste.  Her body ached from the journey and the pressure of interplanetary travel left the strong ones sore and the weak in bed for days.

Luckily, she was strong and walking of her own free will.  Her travelling companion hadn’t been so lucky as she slowed to wait for her friend.  She hadn’t been able to rise out of her seat and had felt frustrated almost immediately.

She’d sighed heavily as they’d help her into a wheelchair.  The two looked at each other and smiled warmly.  The light demonstrated by the two of them was almost as powerful as the fake sunlight that was waiting for them just within reach.  Of course, the weaker of the two would be taken home and put to bed while the stronger one would begin filling out the forms to have them recognized as citizens in their new home.

“Don’t worry about me,” the weaker one said softly.  “I’ll be fine.”

“I know you will,” the stronger one replied energetically.  “Space travel never agreed with you anyway.  The doctor will want to see you no doubt.”

The weaker one sighed heavily again as her curled red hair covered her pale face, green eyes and gently sloping nose.  She hated the doctor and the stronger one knew it.  The stronger one placed a tanned hand on the others’ shoulder and gave it a firm but gentle squeeze.  Her blue eyes glittered with positivity and the gold in her hair caught every fraction of the light that hit it.

“You’ll strong one day yourself,” the stronger one reassured the weaker one as the attendant who had come to pick them up moved to take the weaker one home.

“I’ll be strong, just like you.”

The stronger one smiled at the determined spirit of her weaker little sister and waved from the curbside as the car moved to take the weaker girl home.

They would see each other soon.