[Original] The Toy Spat

The challenge issued by one Amy R. was as follows. To work on an exercise of dialogue between two characters for at least two pages without forgetting setting, characterization and description! There was a bonus challenge further issued to complete this challenge without the use of adverbs (which I had to be re-educated on sadly because I’d forgotten their exact definition but I’ve known what they are all along) which I sadly failed miserably at by one adverb only!

And thus, The Toy Spat was born!  Bonus points by the way if you can figure out which two book characters I’m referring to, their series and who wrote said series.  PS: It’s a long time favourite of mine and my copies of said books are quite well loved.

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[Poetry] Inner Peace

I want a place of quiet,
With inner peace in mind.
Is this too much to ask for?
I’d certainly hope not.
It’s relatively easy,
To obtain peace of mind.
But when the home is turbulent,
This peace is hard to find.
But when home is harmonious,
And everything is fine,
Inner Peace is found as easily
As the blinking of one’s eye.

[original] Lost in the Music

There are three things I’d like to note about this piece. Inspiration hit me very late in the night and I decided to write something quickly before I went to bed. It also applies minimalism (the lack of description of the characters for example) and is mainly dialogue. The characters can look anyway that you want them to. 🙂 Use your imagination and let me know what you think the characters look like.

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[fanfic] An Ordinary Day

He sits at a computer terminal in a small room, eyes focused on the screen.  He’s busy writing the report of their latest mission when the door to Squall’s room slides open effortlessly.  The stormy eyed youth hears a familiar voice shouting at someone in the hallway before the door closes.  Boots are taping precariously along the tiled floor as Squall’s hands quit moving across the keys.

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