[poetry] Don’t Be Afraid

Content warning: This poem may deal with subject matter that some may find difficult to read. Please accept my apologies in advance if this does happen. With this in mind, I am placing the body of this poem under a cut so that those who may be sensitive to this topic can easily move onto the next piece in this blog if they desire. If you do find yourself reading this poem and are dealing with darker times, please do not hesitate to seek help or talk to someone that you trust.

Without further ado, I hope that you enjoy Don’t Be Afraid. Continue reading

[poetry] Hearts of the World

This is dedicated to those

Who have gone too soon.

Many will forget you but to others,

You’re a treasure.

You brought light to someone’s life,

Joy to those who knew you best and

Love to special someone’s who needed it most.

A beacon of hope has been taken,

Swept away to a greater purpose.

Never forget them.

Always cherish them.

Never let their memory fade.

Keep them close to your heart.

Their laughter may be gone,

The sound of their voices may drift,

But their warmth will always remain.

There are a select few who know your pain.

There are more who wouldn’t wish this on another.

There are many who don’t understand,

Would use someone’s tragedy to further,

Ever further their agenda.

Don’t let those people win.

Don’t let the monsters who invaded your realm

Take residence in your hold.

I may not relate to your tragedy,

But I know the pain of loss.

The hearts of the world bleed for you.

The hearts of the world become one.

[poem] Suffer in Silence

True colours are shown.

A trust has been shaken,
Respect has been lost.
A heart that was open,
Now closes and locks.

A mind that is cloudy,
And wants to be clear.
The sun wants to break,
Through that misty mire.

A soul that is beaten,
Battered and bruised,
Has no chance to heal,
And no choice but to deal.

It suffers in silence,
Though it would rather not.
It wants to let people in,
But is too scared to try.

Where others are supported,
this one is reviled.
Labelled and misunderstood,
It suffers in silence.

So it writes down its pain,
But it does not salve the wound.
It only makes it dwell in agony
As it suffers in silence.

It just wants to be happy…

It just wants to be free.

[poetry] I Refuse

I refuse to be…
A stereotype,
a cookie-cutter shaped
of a person.

I refuse to conform…
To the expectations of
To be weak,
And complacent.

To be silenced.
To be bullied
and afraid of
those around me.

I outright refuse…
To engage in
interpersonal politics.
To go with the flow
and never be myself.

I refuse so much
to become a better person
in my own way.
Let me be,
let me love,
let me stop pretending,
to be something that

[poetry] Our Hope

Within these hands,
these soiled hands
lies a gift too big for the whole word to handle.

A warming sensation,
a feeling of something
not seen in this world for a very long time.

It fades, diminishes,
periodically loses power,
but will always come back in times of desperation.

It’s a light caressing.
Enveloping and evolving,
gaining strength to stamp out the blight of the world.

It is innocent,
epitomizing purity.
Forever increasing its number of believers.

Bigger than wars,
greater than heroes.
It’s the hope of the many who wish for peace.

[poetry] A Word from the Wise

To you who work in Customer Service –
Consider this a word from the wise.

Do not give lip to your bread and butter
For never shall it grease your wheel.
The rust will envelop your spokes
And leave you thus to squander.

If your bread and butter is older than you
Respect it, you must!
If not for that bread, you would be nothing!
An insignificant fleck of dust.
The foulest of dander surrounds your countenance.

Learn from this, you must!
The bread and butter is always right.
Ne’er shall it lead you astray.
Heed these words from one wiser than yourself.

Egotism shall never show you the way
But the route most humble always shall.

[poetry] The Real Me


For the love of all things good.

Heed my simple words:

I don’t have to be pretty.

I don’t need to hide behind

Layers of makeup that don’t

Show me in the least.

I don’t wear the latest fashions.

I don’t drink or go to clubs.

I am who I am and my inner beauty shines.

I’m sorry you don’t like this

Or the way I do my hair.

I’ll never be the cookie cutter girl

And I’ll never do what others

Expect me to do.

I will never be perfect.

I will never be thin.

I may not be accepted but truthfully?

That’s okay with me.

I never claimed to be perfect.

I’ve never claimed to be neat.

I prefer comfort over the latter.

And hey, I like those books I read.

I don’t need your insincerity and

I sure as hell don’t need your drama.

There’s only one thing that I

Could ever want in this world.

I want the world to see the real me

In everything I do.

[poetry] Three-Decade-Old Life

ImageGive me a break.

I’m a little fed up

Of being short-changed

In my three-decade-old life.

Give me some peace.

A little slice of how

Life’s supposed to be,

In my three-decade-old life.

Give me some love.

My knight in shining armor.

That appreciates me for me,

In my three-decade-old life.

Give me my life.

I don’t want your rose-coloured glasses

I’ll see with my own eyes,

In my three-decade-old life.