[poetry] Let Your…

Image I hope everyone is game for a little Free Verse today.  It started out with simple lines that I expanded from there.  Thank you for stopping by and for your likes and subscriptions!

Also, if you’re a frequenter of the index page, I’m going to work on making it a bit easier to follow.  Stay tuned! ^_^


Let your voice soar like the eagles.

Don’t be afraid to sing like no one’s listening.

There aren’t enough of us out there

Willing to unite the folk through song.

Let your sorrows come undone.

It’s time.

Let the melody take over.

Dance for joy.

It’s okay to be yourself.

Let your heart find inner peace.

Love is all around you.

It might be hard to find.

Trust me – it’s there.

Look closer.

Look into my eyes.

Do you see the love in my eyes?

It’s always been there.

Let your voice give thanks.

Things could be that much worse.

The clothes on your back,

The food in your belly.

They could be gone in a quickening.

Cherish them;


Let your eyes revel in the beauty around you.

The birds are singing a beauteous melody.

The sun is streaming golden beams all around us all.

The landscape unmarred by man is a

Wonderful, majestic sight to behold.

Let your mind think for itself.

Don’t follow the crowd,

They could lead you toward disaster.

And think of all the people who would miss you then.

Let your feet carry you forward.

Your hopes and dreams

Mean so much more,

When realized with integrity.

Let yourself be happy.

Healthy body, strong mind.

You illuminate my life in ways,

I never thought before.

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