[poetry] Adventure


I suppose one could say that getting back into writing poetry is going to let me explore the different styles all over again.  The other day, I wrote a sonnet and I appreciate those likes that every one left!  Today, I bring to you a dramatic monologue.  Enjoy it! 😀



Come here, my child and listen well.

For today I have a wondrous story to tell.

It involves a young boy who loved to climb trees

And of the marvellous sights that he saw.

He began to climb trees at the age of three.

Much to the chagrin of his Mother,

He was quite sturdy on his feet and grinned a toothy grin

At his Mother whilst she stared in horror

At her baby boy.

He didn’t climb high

This boy was most certainly not feline in nature

As one day, he fell at the tender age of six.

With his arm in a cast and a sulk about his countenance

But alas, for it did not break his spirit.

The minute that the cast was removed,

He was ready to climb again.

He leapt out of the car and with a

Mighty barrelling that shook the earth around him to its core,

He cascaded up the tree, tickled pink to feel

The rough texture of bark under his fingers again.

His Mother, petrified to the ground by the gate to their yard

Stared slackjaw and wide-eyed at her reckless little boy.

Boys will be boys, she thought, oh she thought hard.

And in the end, when the little boy was done with his climb,

He came inside to eat dinner with the broadest

Grin on his face that his parents had ever seen.

They knew then and there what they’d been

Denying, avoiding, for such a long time.

They realized then and they still believe it now.

For their little boy with his scraped elbows,

Dirty knees and

Grass-stained denim shorts,

That he was destined for great things.

And great things he did.

He lives in our history, an icon, a martyr.

When the world cried foul after his many

Innings as a pitcher of politics,

He was cast aside, assassinated

And grew to infamy.

So I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you this tale

Of adventure and tragedy.

Your life is a blessing and

You should take care.

Your adventure has just begun and

Don’t ever dream of letting it get away.

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