[fanfic/lyrics] One and Only Treasure

Author’s Note: These lyrics are inspired by the lyrics of the beautiful song Ichiban no Takaramono by LiSA and are sung to the same melody.  Ichiban no Takaramono is an insert song for the character Yui from the anime Angel Beats!  Which reminds me that I really need to give this series a rewatch and keep the tissues handy.

When I see your face, it’s a fight.
And I know that I may not win.
But it shows the bond between us forever.

All I want is for your understanding and a bit of patience
Cuz I know that I’m not perfect
And I may not be the girl for you right now.

Loneliness may come and conquer
But I’ll face it if I have to.
All I want is to dream with you
And to be by your side always.
When I’m here with you, I’m happy.
Even though we bicker constantly.
When the morning comes I wish that
You will always be by my side.

I’m a childish little thing.
That’s the feeling that I get now.
Even though I just wanted to have some fun.
I don’t think that you were very amused by my antics back then.
If I had the chance to go back,
Would I try to rewrite my past, if I could?

Going back and forth I’ll learn here.
And I’ll show you what I can be.
To become something much greater
Is a dream that I will cherish now.
Even though we’re not together.
Our hearts will forever be combined.
And eventually we will face
That brilliant morning together.

Even when you’re gone I’ll live on.
And I will treasure every part.
And your voice will encourage me,
To never give up on living now.
It’s so difficult to live on.
Without you by side from now on.
All the warmth I felt beside you,
Lingers on inside of my heart.

Going round and round and flowing.
Time is now and forever changing.
If I ever forget your face.
Come and remind me of your love.
Of the beauty all around me.
And the people still supporting me.
Now I know that I cannot forget my one and only treasure.

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