[original] The Knight and the Dragon

(The following story was based upon the writing prompt shown on the left. It may seem a bit juvenile but I wrote it with younger readers in mind!)

    Once upon a time in a land far away lived a kindly old knight. He was very wise for a man of his years and had trained many great knights in his time. Many of those knights had gone on to do many great deeds but that is a story for another day.

    The kindly old knight wore his armor with care. It shone from hours of meticulous attention as the sun’s rays bounced off it happily. With his shield on his right arm and his mighty sword strapped to his back, he was busy walking the trail toward what many thought was a town to rest for the night. Little did those he passed know that he was off to visit his dear friend the old, wise dragon.

    Now who would’ve thought that there would ever be a dragon that man would be friends with? Well this was no ordinary dragon. He was rather small for a dragon and didn’t have many dragon friends as a result. The dragon also didn’t like to terrorize the countryside and have knights from all over the world coming to slay him. He guarded no treasure nor did he breathe any fire. He was merely a small blue dragon with hide the colour of the ocean and carefully filed claws.

    The knight with his long white beard and matching moustache marched along the trail between the farmlands with purpose and the country folk paid him no mind. They thought that he was on patrol to protect the people from brigands and that was all right with them. He walked for quite some time through the rolling countryside hills dotted with brush and outlined with the bright green treetops on the horizon until at last he came to the cave where the dragon lived.

    “Hello, my friend!” the knight called into the mouth of the jagged cave. “Are you home?”

    “I am, my friend Bob.” the dragon replied with a raspy lisp. He was a very polite dragon and always spoke to his friends with great respect. “I have just put on some tea, would you like to join me for a cup?”

    “I thought you’d never ask, Steve.”

    Bob entered the cave without caution as this was not your typical dragon. The fragrant smell of Steve’s tea filled the air as the knight went into the well-lit home and settled himself on an old wooden stool. The duo engaged in the usual pleasantries between the two of them. The kids were doing fine and making names for themselves, the wives were fine and the kingdom they called home was at peace. Bob and Steve talked with each other for quite some time before Bob rose to his feet.

    “I’m afraid that I must be on my way back home, my friend,” Bob explained. “My wife is expecting me home and I must not be late.”

    With a rumbling laugh, Steve bobbed his head. “Just one minute, Bob.”

    Steve went into the kitchen of his home and returned a few moments later with a carefully wrapped package in his hands. It was a freshly prepared sweet bread for the old dragon had grown tired of the taste of meat and had turned to sweets instead.

    “For your wife and children my friend,” Steve said as he held the package out to Bob which he took with pride.

    “Thank you, my friend. I’m sure that we’ll enjoy it greatly. You’ve always baked the sweetest treats for me and my family.”

    “I am glad to hear that,” Steve replied as Bob made his way out of the cave to start his journey back to his village.

    Steve stood at the entrance to his cave and watched Bob walk over the hills until he could no longer see his friend on the horizon. He knew that his friend would visit him again sometime in the future months as he went back inside his cave to enjoy the rest of his day in contentment.

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