[fanfic] Lost Sight [SPOILERS]

The fandom is Guilty Crown and there are spoilers for the end of the series.  Therefore, to spare those who haven’t seen the ending, the entire fic will be under the cut.

The Tower had crashed less than a day ago and the members of Funeral Parlor had rushed right in.  However, they were no longer members of Funeral Parlor by that time.  They were just a bunch of volunteers helping to search for survivors by that point.  They only had one person on their minds as they found the remnants of Endlaves and corpses alike amidst the destruction.

They were looking for Shu and wouldn’t stop until they’d found him.  They’d found Kill-‘Em-All Daryl first in a state of shock as the military quickly ushered the blond away from the site.  After that, more volunteers had swarmed into the area.  Haruka and Gai’s men all aided in the search until Tsugumi found a life sign at the centre of the wreckage.

“Guys!  I found something!  Head for the centre of the tower.” She announced to the enthusiastic cheers of the men.

When they found Shu, Argo swore loudly at the sight around their leader.  The Power of Kings was gone.  The brunet’s right arm had now returned to the stump that was left behind by Gai.  The fabric of his jacket was stained  dark red as the medic who had come with them  made a beeline toward the teen and began checking Shu for signs of life.  He was breathing lightly and his pulse was faint but Shu Ouma was still alive after stopping Gai.  He was lying there neatly, as if Inori had arranged him like that but the  blood coating his face had the medic unsure of what other damage had been done.  The right shoulder was quickly bandaged before the brunet was loaded onto a stretcher and carried out of the wreckage

“Ouma is alive,” the medic said over the radio.

Ten days passed as Haruka sat next to Shu’s bed.  Machine’s beeped and there were tubes coming out of his mouth, chest and left arm in a white, sterile room.  What remained of his right arm had been carefully bandaged to allow it heal properly.  He was lucky that infection hadn’t settled into the open wound but the Doctor’s weren’t entirely certain what would be the fate of his eyes which had remained unresponsive since his admission.

Haruka sat there still as a mouse as she waited for some sort of response from her son.  She talked to him constantly regardless of the coma that had been induced upon the poor boy.  Haruka knew that Shu would need time to recover and she knew that there would be some repercussions from using the last Void Genome.  What those would be even  she didn’t know.  She’d screamed at first in private about letting him use the last vial but knew that if it hadn’t been used their world would be lost.

Fifteen days into Shu’s stay in the hospital and there were signs of improvement.  His hand hand begun twitching and he was following simple commands.  He was squeezing hands with a great amount of strength when he began gagging on the tube in his mouth.  It was removed and while Shu laid there in a weakened state.  His body was numb from the drugs and he floated above consciousness until the twentieth day of his stay.  The doctor sat Shu up and began poking and prodding at his right arm.  The boy pulled away as best as he could but it wasn’t enough.  When he gained enough strength, Shu smacked the doctor’s hand away from his arm.  His head moved back and forth until a pair of light hands were placed upon his shoulders.

“Shu!” Haruka had implored of him.  “Calm down, please.”

Eventually, he relaxed enough to let the Doctor’s examine him.  They asked him the last thing he remembered; Shu answered.  They asked him if he knew where he was; he answered.  When they were finished with their questions, he finally asked one of his own.

“Wh…what’s around my head?”

“You sustained a head injury Ouma-san.  We can remove the bandages shortly,” came the clipped response.

Head Injury?  What was going on?  Shu’s mind was racing as he heard the snipping sound of scissors cutting through fabric.  It was an agonizing experience after awhile as it felt like the doctors and nurses were just cutting through the bandages a layer at a time.  Haruka reassured Shu that everything was fine as the bandages were fully removed from his head.  He ran a hand over his head and felt another line of bandages.  His fingers ran over the light gauze before it  too was cut away.

“Ouma-san,” the doctor said crisply.  “Please open your eyes.”

“Right,” Shu breathed as he slowly opened his eyes.

It took quite some time before he could open his eyes fully without any discomfort but no light fully registered in Shu’s eyes.  There was nothing but an endless stream of grey and it caused the brunet to panic before there were warm hands wrapping around his own.  He hadn’t even realized that they’d been shaking.

“It’s okay, Shu,” Haruka whispered into his ear before enveloping the boy in a loose hug.

“No.  It’s not okay.  It’s not okay!  I can’t see!  I can’t see!

Haruka’s grip on Shu`s shoulders tightened as panic took over his mind again.  There was no pain to feel from his lost arm, only a deep sense of fear that something so vital to him had been taken away.  So many things and people had been taken from him lately.  Hare.  Inori.  Gai.  Every important piece of his support pillar was gone and it left the boy feeling lost and confused as Haruka rubbed soothing circles on his back to calm him.  He felt small in the face of dread that loomed before him.  He didn’t register anything for quite some time.

A familiar piece of music began to play as Shu’s blank eyes darted to and fro to find the source.  He heard a small headset clipping to his ears and a melacholy sounding melody filled his ears.  The fear was forgotten as Inori’s voice wrapped him in a blanket of calm.  He sank against Haruka, exhausted from overexerion.  She laid him back into his bed and watched as his eyes slowly drooped closed.  She stroked his hair to let him know that she was still there before the brunet succumbed to slumber.  The loss of his sight was great for him but Haruka knew that he’d adjust.

He’d worn the guilty crown for long enough.  His respite was well earned.

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