Hi there!

Thank you for your continued support of reading Scattered Thoughts.  I would like to apologize for the lack of updated and the sudden disappearance of the last piece that I posted.  I received some crit from a friend about it and decided to polish it up a bit before letting you all read it again.  It will be coming back but it should be better and longer because my friend asked a lot of questions that helped me flesh out the story.  I hope that you’ll enjoy the second version as much as you enjoyed the first.

I would also like to say that if you would like to leave any crit anywhere on the fics posted on the journal, feel free and don’t hesitate!

I’m currently working on a fan fic for the recently finished anime series Guilty Crown.  It’s currently going through a beta and an edit so expect that in the near future.  That doesn’t mean of course that some of the other fandoms won’t be written for either.  I’ll be delving back into my fanfic roots and writing some new Final Fantasy pieces in the near future!  The ideas are there, I just didn’t have time to write much of anything.  You never know, I just might write some more Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 fics for your reading pleasure.

Once again, my apologies for flaking on the blog and not really posting much of anything these past few months.  As always, thanks you for supporting Scattered Thoughts!

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