[fanfic] The Big Top

Question to the readers of the blog! Would you like me to post the fandom that I’m writing for in the subject as well as if it is [fanfic] or [original] like I’ve been doing all along? Please let me know what you think! 🙂

Today’s fanfic is derived from the tales_100 prompt of Circus but is for Final Fantasy 8.

Twelve sets of  hands were linked together hand in hand as they stared up at the gigantic red and white striped tent that loomed over top of them all.  There were quips from the boys about how holding hands was for girls but Matron Edea shushed them quickly before smiling kindly at her children.

“Matwon,” Selphie asked curiously while scoffing at the dusty ground with a shoe.  “Where are we?”

“Well,” Edea began.  “This place is called a circus, Selphie.”

“And what’s a circus?” Zell asked as he wiped his nose on his arm.

“Ew, Matwon, he’s doing it again!” Selphie tattled.

“Selphie, don’t tattle.  Zell, if you need a tissue, just ask.” Edea chided gently as she passed Zell a tissue and the two nodded.  “Now a circus is a place where a bunch of people gather to perform various kinds of tricks to entertain the crowds that come to see them.”

“Who cares what it is anyway?” Seifer asked sullenly.

“We do!” Zell and Selphie said in unison before engaging in a game of jinx that ended in two children laughing loudly before being ushered ahead by Ellone.

“They’re going to be putting on a special show to celebrate the election of Esthar’s new President.” Ellone explained as she gave Squall’s hand a gentle squeeze.  The boy seemed ever reluctant to join in with his fellow orphans but was just as curious about the circus as they were.

“Sis, what’s a preziedent?” Selphie asked curiously.

“A president is a person who leads a nation,” Matron explained.

“But why’re we celebratun’?” Selphie pressed.

“Because it’s a good thing,” Sis said as Quistis and Irvine cast Selphie a wary look.

They all knew about Selphie’s parents and it seemed like the little brunette didn’t remember their death at all.  Nobody bothered to press the issue however under threats of a good old-fashioned grounding from Edea.

“A good thing…” Squall said softly.  “What kinda show is it?”

“Is it one about Knights and Princesses?” Selphie asked immediately.

“Or cowboy and Indians?” Irvine chimed in.  “Y’know Matwon, like that book you read ta me da other night.”

“Maybe it’s about giant fish!” Zell piped in.

“Actually,” Matron said after the excited chatter of the children died down a little.  Even she had to admit that it was great to see them all actually getting along for a change.  Even the hesitant Squall was beginning to join in the chatter.  “The story is an old one from when I was a girl.”

“What’s it about?” Quistis asked.

“It’s a surprise,” Matron said with a good-natured chuckle.  “I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for you all.”

There were the standard cries for more information and pouts from the youngest of their ragtag group of merry misfits to be, but Matron just stood there, laughing at their antics before ushering them all inside.  It was a day for them to remember.

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