[fanfic] Just a Scratch

Title: Just a Scratch
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
Theme: Bare Skin from tales_100 @ Dreamwidth
Spoilers: None!
Characters/pairing: Yuri, Estelle and snarky commentary from Rita.
Rating: PG
Warnings: zomg shirtless!Yuri!!!

“Sit still Yuri,” Estelle ordered as the former knight flinched from the touch of an antiseptic coated cottonball.

“How do you expect me to sit still when — OW!”

“Hmph,” Rita snorted from the corner. “And you call yourself a man? Flinching from a measly cottonball.”

Yuri shot the young girl a hard glare as Estelle pushed the shirt he dropped to the floor away with her boot.

“Would you stop that?!” Yuri snapped.

“No I will not.” Estelle deadpanned.

“It’s just a scratch.”

The scratch was about two inches deep and definitely lacked in the definition of a scratch.

3 thoughts on “[fanfic] Just a Scratch

    • Thanks a bunch for reading! I’m thinking of expanding this one anyway because there’s so much meat still left on the bone for it. It might take a while, but stay tuned and thanks for subscribing. I really appreciate it.

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