[original] Mama’s Magic

One look said it all.  Green eyes opened wide in surprise before blinking in disbelief.  The world was falling apart around her piece by crumbling piece and instead of running away, she sits there in quiet contemplation of her fate.  She’d been a good girl all her life.  Listened to her mama, did her chores and her homework.

Yet, here stood the world, falling apart at the seams.  The rumbling intensified with each second before .she shouts out at the world.

“Oh, stop it.”

And sure enough, the world stopped its rumbling and there stood a young girl, with green eyes and shaking hands.  What had she just done?  It made little sense and yet it made all the sense in the world.

After all, her mama had just died and passed her power onto her daughter.  The shaking hands were glowing with a power she’d only seen her mama use once before to stop the sea from having a fit and now that gift had been passed onto the daughter.  What she did with it from there was up to the daughter now but there was one definite thing she had to do first.

She had to make the world whole again.  How she’d do it was anyone’s guess but she’d be damned if she didn’t try to clean up the world with her mama’s magic.

Mama’s magic was special after all.

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