[fanfic] Little Bodies

Long time no post!  NaNoWriMo burnt me right out so I ended up taking a bit of a posting break.  But Scattered Thoughts is back!

In the beginning, there was one. An unruly little boy who didn’t care what anybody thought. If he wanted to do something, then he did it regardless of what anyone thought. There was one particular day in the middle of June. It was a hot summer day and his guardian was having a party and didn’t have time to play with him. The boy — whose name was Seifer Almasy — decided to take it upon himself to wandering through the party in his birthday day much to the disdain of his guardian. He was sent back to the Orphanage by the end of the week.

Then there was two. In came little Zell Dincht who had just lost his parents in the war. He was a crybaby and clung to Matron with a constant dribble of drool coming out of his mouth. He chewed on everything he could get his hands on. There was one time in the early onsets of winter around Seifer’s birthday where he’d gotten an action figure he’d wanted for ages and what did Zell do? He chewed the figure’s head off and as thanks for Seifer losing his temper and smacking the little boy for what he’d done, the figure was never replaced.

Now came little body number three. It was a girl the same age as him with glasses and blonde hair and man was she ever bossy. Seifer wasn’t allowed to pick on crybaby Zell when Quistis was around. She wasn’t afraid of Seifer and she definitely wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or take the time to tell him off. The pair could be described best as prickly and prickliest. There was a time when Seifer wouldn’t stop talking about boogers at the dinner table and Matron and Cid were giving him the most disgusted look as he proudly kept talking about them. Until Quistis kicked him and promptly changed the subject to what she’d learned at school that day.

The next little body brought their group to four but this one didn’t talk to anybody at first. Matron said that she’d watched her parents died and needed a little extra time to get used to being around people again. The little girl whose name was Selphie had the strangest hair and Seifer liked putting bubble gum in it… Or he did until she grabbed the closest skipping rope and whacked him with the wooden handle, called him a meanie butt booger pants and pushed him into the rather large mud puddle behind him. Selphie ended up getting a haircut and Seifer got grounded for picking on the little girl. She was five and he was six.

Enter the next crybaby and little body number five. Irvine wanted his mommy, his blankie and a warm cup of milk multiple times a day. He was scared of what had happened in his hometown but didn’t understand why his Mother wasn’t coming to get him. Selphie was the one who integrated the auburn haired boy into their group and the two took to each other like sugar and spice. Seifer didn’t care about losing the playmates but ultimately, the two became a source of strength for the other that would guide them through the worst of their trials and tribulations.

Finally, there was one more person added to their group. Squall was sad, painfully quiet and lonely. It was his second Orphanage after the first one had been closed down for reasons that were never disclosed to the children. If it hadn’t been for Sis — Ellone was her name — Squall never would’ve come inside to join their group, their gang. At first, Squall played by himself for the most part. Selphie would join him for a little bit and help him build a tower as big as the two of them but they wouldn’t play together for very long. Ultimately, Sis started inventing games for all of them to play together and little Squall opened up to them that way. He’d smile occassionaly and play along but ultimately, he preferred to be alone for the most part. Seifer didn’t like that so the two of them began fighting. Squall wanted his peace and Seifer just wanted to be friends with the mysterious boy. The two spent most of about two years either grounded, in their rooms or in the corner on a time out.

Six little bodies. One little home and a whole lot of love from one woman, her husband and their big Sis. It was crowded, but it was home.

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