[fanfic] A Living Weapon

“Leo knew Kefka was using me as a weapon.  Did you?”

The question had Celes staring at her companion in a state of surprise.  Everyone in their group knew that Terra had been used as a weapon by the Empire long before she had ever joined the resistance to save their word.  It was such a loaded question and Celes didn’t know how to answer it in a way that would sound kind.

Of course she had known.  When the two had first met after the slave crown had been removed from the green haired girls’ head, Celes had ultimately decided to keep that bit of truth hidden.  However, now Terra was asking her at their campfire as the others stared at her curiously.  Some of their companions kept their expressions guarded, neutral while others were staring at the half-esper in astonishment.  She had the right to know but what if the truth hurt her more than it helped her?

“Terra…” Locke began as he broke the empty silence that had grown between them.  “Are you sure that you wanna know the answer to that question?”

Terra simply nodded as she gave Locke a small, reassuring smile.  “I need to know this Locke.”

Terra couldn’t shake the fact that there was still some sort of wall between herself and Celes and maybe – just maybe – by asking a question this delicate, this important that that wall would come tumbling down.

The former General merely sighed as she stared directly into the fire.  “Terra, I do not think that you are going to like my answer.”

“It’s okay,” Terra said calmly, the same reassuring smile sent her way.  “I know that it wasn’t your fault.  I understand.”

Celes nodded carefully.  “I knew.  I knew that you were being used as a living weapon just like I was.  We were both merely pawns in Kefka and the Emperor’s game of conquest.

“But that is no longer.  We fight for the same side now, Terra.”

Terra mulled over the words for a few moments before answering.  They were difficult to swallow and all the eyes of those they both travelled with were upon her now.  Edgar nodded encouragingly, Sabin’s face remained indifferent.  Locke’s expression was one of pure uncertainty and was ultimately a mix of many emotions that Terra did not have the word to adequately describe.

In the end, Terra knew what to say.  “It doesn’t matter now, does it?”

“The past is the past,” Cyan murmured thoughtfully as he sharpened his sword.  “Let it not be one to bind you to past cruelties such as those that the Empire hast paid to us all.”

Terra may have been a living weapon but at least now, she was a living weapon that could make up her own mind.

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