[fanfic] Reflections in the Wind

Written using the prompt for Squall “Sometimes I drive so I can be alone.”

Sometimes I drive, so I can be alone.  Some may find it pitiful for a man who has everything that life could ever offer him to want to be alone when he could be immersed in a life of glitz, glitter and more litres of champagne than I could ever count.

That life will never be for me.  Instead, I felt compelled to hop into my car – a gift from Laguna for my birthday – and hit the open road.  It was nice feeling the wind in my hair without the harsh gleam of streetlight overhead of me.  Being out in the open, in my car makes me feel that much more alive.  My friends still comment that I should be happier than ever now that I was an international hero but I have always enjoyed the solitude more.

It’s not that I don’t like being with them, I just want the quiet.  I want that little piece of solace that comes from hearing my own thoughts without the background noise of thousands of screaming children day in and day out.  I still don’t wish to be the Commander of Balamb Garden but it’s like Selphie said to me the other day, one can’t choose the job they want to do.  Sometimes, the job chooses them.  I suppose that that is fine for some but it’s never been something that I’ve been 100 perfect okay with.

The drive lets me reflect on what’s happened to the world since the end of the second Sorceress War.  Galbadia negotiated peace treaties with Garden and Trabia is slowly being rebuilt.  Selphie’s delighted about that by the way.  She can’t wait to drag everybody up there and show us all just how awesome and super duper spectacular – her words, not mine – that Trabia Garden really is.  I couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm and she’d beamed that sunny smile of hers at me.

A lot happens in my days at Balamb Garden and sometimes I’m just grateful for the quiet.  Sometimes I bring the others out with me.  We talk about our childhood and the parents we never got to know.  We go camping in the mountains a few times throughout the year.  We go off the grid and live off the land just like we had all trained to do.

Except Rinoa…


I wish you’d never left but understand why you did.  I hope that one day; you’ll come back to Garden and finally lived out your dreams.  I said I wouldn’t stop you if you left to go finish your unfinished business and I’ll gladly welcome you back when you’re ready to return to my side.

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