[fanfic] Chilled Bones

Written using the prompt Cold Memory from fic_promptly’s FFVI archive!

Celes hated Magitek armor.

At one point, it had been offered to her but she had been adamant in her refusal.  There was something about sinking a blade directly into her enemy that was just so much more satisfying.  The rending of flesh, gushing body fluids and sickening crunch of blade meeting bone just made her feel so much alive.  She enjoyed the high pitched song of steel upon steel.  The magical armor would never be her expertise but she made it a point to have capable Magitek Soldiers in her Garrison.

It was a chilly grey day near the beginning of Winter when Celes was first introduced to a mindless Terra Branford.  She had never gotten a very good look at the newest addition to the Magitek fleet but Kefka’s shrieking laughter chilled her to the very bone.  She watched with disgust as the young woman was ordered by Kefka to decimate all the troops in front of her.  The girl with the blank, expressionless green eyes used beam after beam of fire against the men who begged for mercy from the girl.

“Disgusting,” she muttered.

“I could not agree with you more Celes,” Leo responded.

She looked up at the stoic man whose eyes were as hard as granite.  Like Leo, Celes believed that every life in the Empire’s Army was important and not merely a toy for a greater scheme.  There was sadly nothing that neither of them could do to save the men in Kefka’s Garrison but it left them both with sick feeling in mind, heart and stomach.  The madman was currently in the Emperor’s favour and nothing that neither of them could say would change this fact for many a year.

“Is there nothing we can do to stop this madness?” Leo asked, his voice as hard as the granite in his eyes.

“The only one who can call an end to this stupidity,” for that is what it was to Celes.  Nothing more than sheer, unbridled stupidity that would never end so long as Kefka was a General.  If the girl had been placed under Celes’ command, things would have been much different.  She pointed down at the General in the circle with a look of sheer revulsion.  “Is unfortunately, the man – nay, the boy – who is playing war with that poor girl he commands.”

“I would not even call him a boy,” Leo laughed bitterly.  “Kefka is nothing more than a fool.”

“A fool that is going to end us all if we’re not careful, Leo.” Celes murmured lowly for his ears alone.

The other General nodded.  “We must watch him and act accordingly for the better of the Empire and for our world.”

Another anguished cry came from the circle as Celes tore her eyes away from the bloodshed.  She had her doubts that she would ever be warm again after watching the barbarism below her.  Her own men would hear about this tale that she had witnessed today.  She would teach her men the power of beneficence if it was the last thing she ever did.

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