[NaNoWriMo 2011 Project] Of a Demon in My View: Chapter Two

Rydia wondered if the legendary eidolon could hear her heart pounding in her chest. To be in his presence was suffocating. His power was unfamiliar and dangerous from what she could tell. He peered down at her with slanted, demonic yellow eyes, snorting softly through his wide nostrils. He was the most frightening thing she’d ever seen, even more so than Bahamut. She wondered if he knew of the dragon god, or if the dragon god knew of the legendary eidolon, whose name she still didn’t know.

She searched around for the scroll, wondering if she could get his name off of the aged paper. He saw her searching, deducing that she was looking for the scroll. He thought she was looking for the return spell. He narrowed his eyes, his tail whipping around angrily. He hadn’t even been out for 10 minutes. He wasn’t going to let her return him to his black prison. He was staying out.

“Why do you need the scroll?” he asked, suddenly defensive.

Rydia looked up at him, her green eyes surprised. “How did you…?”

“Answer my question first,” the demon demanded.

“Ah…I wanted to know your name,” she said sheepishly.

He smirked. It was a scary gesture, fangy and wicked. “Why didn’t you just ask little mage.”

“Well as your summoner I’m supposed to know these things,” she answered matter-of-factly.

“True. I take it you didn’t read the spell before you recited it?” he guessed. The sunlight from the desert streamed in through the open window freely, glinting off of his dark skin. It just made him seem even more ghastly somehow.

Rydia shook her head no. She wouldn’t even get into the fact that she couldn’t translate a good portion of it. He was out now.

“It matters little,” he assured her with another ugly smirk. He could see her pulse throbbing in her wrists. She was either excited, scared or both. He could smell a bit of fear but it wasn’t stopping her from standing in front of him as if she’d been with him all her life. She could work through her fear. It was admirable for such a tiny thing.

“I am Diablos,” he grunted, getting down on all fours. He spread his wings to their full length, his tail lashing out to wrap around one of her wrists. The way her heart sped up thrilled him, sending shivers up his spine. He could feel each beat of her heart, could feel the vibrations of her blood rushing through her veins. He liked when they were afraid of him, even if they didn’t show it. It put him in control. “And you are?”

His grin was ferocious. Rydia stared at the pointed end of his tail, knowing that with just a flicker he could slit her wrist wide open and she would bleed out. She swallowed hard. She wouldn’t pull away, and she wouldn’t show fear, although she knew he was already aware of her state of mind.

“I’m Rydia,” she said as levelly as she could.

His tail pulled her close so that he could press his nose to her skin. It was hot, like touching flame to naked flesh, but she dare not flinch or try to draw away. This was his version of a battle of wills. Instead of challenging her physically or magically he was challenging her mentally. She would win this. She had never lost a battle with an eidolon, no matter what the arena was. She was not about to start now.

“Your magic is…dark,” he muttered, snorting. His breath was hot, almost scalding. “Destructive. What mage class are you?”

“I’m a black mage,” she managed to get out without trembling.

“My magic is dark as well,” he admitted, unraveling his tail from around her wrists. “It’s been a while since I’ve encountered someone with powers similar to mine. What year is this?”

Rydia told him the year and answered his questions about the era he found himself in. Every word she said seemed strange to him, but then again humans were very, very strange creatures.

He watched her mannerisms as she talked. Her hand kept wanting to wrap around the wrist his tail had been wrapped around. He wondered what satisfaction she would get out of touching it. He hadn’t left a mark, hadn’t hurt her. Was she just nervous? He could hear the slight tremble in her voice, could see the way her eyes kept shifting to his tail. Was she interested in it or just trying to make sure he wouldn’t use it again?

“A gift,” he said when she finished talking. He chuckled darkly, bringing his tail up to scratch between his shoulder blades. “These are odd circumstances. Should I put on a bow and prance around for you then mistress?”

He said it in such a scathing manner she almost flinched. “Please, don’t call me that,” she insisted. “Rydia is fine.”

“Why not?” he prodded, poking at her stomach with the sharp end of his tail. It was taut, and it trembled when he made contact with it. “I’m your property aren’t I? You should get me a leash and take me out for a walk. You don’t want me to go indoors.”

She sighed, yelping when he wrapped his tail around her middle and brought her close to him. He leaned down so that they were eye-level, snorting and baring his fangs to keep her quiet. “I am no one’s property, little one,” he grunted at her. “My will is strong. You will not best me.”

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