[fanfic] Well Earned Rest

“We’re finally home!” Selphie exclaimed as she rushed into the apartment with elation.  She kicked off her shoes and flopped backward onto the couch in the living room as Irvine’s laughter filled the room.

“Of course we’re home Sefie,” he said casually.  He was working on yanking off a boot as he sent his hat flying over to the couch.  “I think we’ve earned the time off.”

“Totally!” the perky brunette replied with a yawn.  “I’m bushed Irvy.”

“I can tell darlin’.”

Selphie sat up on the couch as she rubbed some of the sleep out of her eyes.  It’d been quite some time since the duo had been a mission that had lasted longer than a few hours.  The weeks that they’d spent trekking through the mountainous region around Trabia Garden had left them battle weary and exhausted.  If it hadn’t been for the Guardian Forces they’d had on them at the time, the chances were very high that they would’ve been spending the rest of their mission in Trabia’s infirmary.  All the same, they’d lucked out as Selphie patted the couch.

“Sit down, Kinneas.”

Irvine cast an amused look in Selphie’s direction.  “Is that an order?”

Selphie nodded with an impish smirk on her face.  “I’m cold too.”

“Maybe you should wear some warmer clothes this time of year,” Irvine commented on her customary yellow jumper.  “You’re gonna catch your death one of these days.”

“Am not,” Selphie shot back as she stuck her tongue out at the sharpshooter.

“You wouldn’t be complaining about the cold if you did,” came Irvine’s droll reply as he settled himself next to his Sefie on the couch.  He pulled a blanket off the back of it and draped over the girl as she snuggled up close.  The sharpshooter watched with interest as Selphie eventually settled her head upon his lap.

There wasn’t much to say between the two.  They were dirty, sore and tired from their expedition and rest was called for.  Irvine watched as Selphie’s green eyes drooped shut and she fell into an exhausted slumber.  With a grin settled upon his dirty face, Irvine made himself as comfortable as he dared without disturbing his Sefie and fell asleep himself.

The rest had been well earned from both parties.

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