[original] The Master and his Pupils

“I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves last night,” a burly man with sun-bleached red hair knotted atop his head preached sourly. He stared down the sorry lot who dared to call themselves his students, begging any of them to object to his lecturing this morning.

“No sir,” the students intoned. Some of them were wincing at the words that were being spoken to them. Some in the small had black eyes and visible bruises on their arms and legs. Of course, they’d done their best to hide these injuries but the teacher had seen all.

A rare treat had been given to his students; the elusive night off. They students of course had cheered and raced to the nearest bar. Their discipline frowned upon the consumption of alcohol and of course, the pupils had gone overboard in their lust for alternate forms of entertainment. The guilt was clear on their faces and they knew that even if they were sick and hungover from their idiocy, they’d still have to train.

It was just the way the master worked. The scrambled into their training pairs, groans-a-plenty as they began their morning warm-ups. It was far too early for some of the students to be training. Their moves were sluggish and the master was harsher than usual for their displays of stupidity the night before. There were still rings of vomit littering the tarmac as he barked orders for them to get the lead out of their legs. He would teach this sorry group a lesson they’d soon never forget.

“Act in such a disparaging manner again and I will have each and every one of you expelled from my tutelage,” he drawled loudly, purposefully banging his hands on a nearby table. “Know that I am displeased with your actions and you will not be given a night off anytime soon. Your childish antics of the previous night have tarnished the reputation of this institution. You all should be ashamed.”

The pupils of the master eyed him wearily as they watched him throw the doors of the mess hall open. The tables were upturned, serving areas damaged and the place stunk of stale liquor and other bodily fluids that didn’t belong in a mess hall. With a broad sweep of his powerful arm, the master stared down his students, watching as they slowly began to walk forward.

“Clean up your mess and reflect on your actions. You will not get another opportunity to do so.”

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