[fanfic] Once, Twice, Three Times


erra smiled sheepishly at Sabin, who readily smiled back. “He is really cute,” the Prince assured her. “He’s kind of mean though.”

“That’s because he doesn’t know you,” she chuckled lightly, running her fingers’ through Mog’s fur. “He’s really sweet. He just wants to be taken seriously.”

“Yeah, that’s…kind of hard to do.” Sabin peered down at the sleeping moogle. Edgar said he’d seen moogles kill things a hundred times their size. Little demon warriors he called them. But Mog didn’t seem like a demon. He was just really, really feisty.

Terra had calmed him down though by fluffing his pompom and rubbing his back. Sabin watched, fascinated that something so hyper and uptight was calmed by such a simple gesture. He wanted to try it, but knew Mog would bite him if he did, even though he was fast asleep.

The little creature made a cooing noise. Sabin grinned. Watching him nap while stretched out across Terra’s lap was probably one of the cutest things he’d experienced in a long time. He was a little glad he got to be alone with her on such an important occasion.

“Rydia has a lot of presents,” the girl commented, staring at the table stacked and stuffed with gifts.

“We used to get presents like that too,” Sabin commented. “But there was never anything we liked. Always stupid things like shoes and shirts.”

“Don’t like shopping?” Terra asked slyly.

Sabin shrugged. “Nah, not really. As long as I’m not naked I really don’t care.”

She laughed.

Sabin smiled. He wanted to say something nice to her, but he couldn’t really find the words. This was yet another moment where he found himself envious of his brother.



“Um…Thanks. For…staying with me today.” He had gone out of his way to avoid Rydia after finding out how old she really was. If he didn’t he was sure he and Edgar would be at each other’s throats. He really had felt bad for her when she came back from Zozo with broken ribs though. He wasn’t that upset with her.

“You’re welcome.”

He gave her a clearly frustrated look.


“Nothing! I just…wish I had something nice to say that didn’t sound stupid.”

“Why don’t you just kiss me?” she countered.

Sabin grinned. He could do that. He had to be careful though. He didn’t want to wake up Mog.

He liked kissing Terra. They had shared more than a few, and he found that it was one of his favorite things to do. It was even better than punching people who deserved it. It was better than walnuts. He gently cupped her chin with one hand, using the other to brace himself as he leaned towards her. He was so gentle and careful. Not that he thought she was fragile but he really didn’t want to wake up Mog. The little thing would go on a rampage.

“Mmm, you’re good at that,” she whispered when she pulled away.

He grinned. “Am I?”

“I wish he hadn’t fallen asleep in my lap,” she whispered softly.

“We’ll just…wait,” Sabin proposed, leaning in again. “Until he wakes up.”

Terra didn’t really like that idea. Moogles could nap for a really long time if they were comfortable enough. But Sabin took all those thoughts away with more kisses.

Terra found herself flushing. She liked kissing him. She liked their chemistry. Sometimes she wished he weren’t so slow to pick things up. She’d been waiting for the appropriate time to tell him she loved him the way Rydia loved Edgar, but she couldn’t really find it in her. So she tried her best to show it in other ways. She knew he’d realize it eventually. She’d resolved to wait years if she had to.

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