[fanfic] Getting Dirty

Written for Suzume using her prompt for Final Fantasy VI “cleaning house” in the housing posting over at fic_promptly over at Dreamwidth. Links are in the links page!

Hope you all don’t mind poop! I couldn’t help myself. ^^;;

Papa had come to help with the cleaning and the kids were everything shy of exploding. First the kids had engaged in their customary tackling of Papa to the ground as his booming laughter filled Mobliz with the joy that it once had. Then there were hugs and kisses and demands for adventure stories and while Sabin was no bard, he nodded at Terra’s warm smile as he’d set to work with moving the winter bedding into the storage closet.

“Papa, what happened then?” little Annabelle asked innocently.

“A lot of things little girls don’t need to know about quite yet,” he said with a wink.

“So you’ll tell Mama right?”

“Mama,” Terra called from the kitchen where she had busied herself with preparing a meal big enough to feed their newest guest though her tone was a tad tart. “Was there when it happened and
Papa should know better than to tell those kinds of stories, right?”

“Er… I guess I deserved that didn’t I?”

“Everybody!” Annabelle called out. “Papa got in trouble for telling naughty stories again!”

The children erupted into giggles and the older ones looked over with curiosity. Of course they’d want to know that their Papa Bear was going on about but the slightly withering look that Terra was sending Sabin’s way – she must’ve learned that from Celes – was enough to silence him as he picked up Annabelle and the laundry to go out on the clothesline.

“Why not take the boys out with you. They can help you clean the garden.”

“The Garden?” The boys protested.

Terra smiled sweetly at them but her tone meant business when she responded with, “unless you want to help the girls with the mending of course.”

“Er…” Sabin said nervously as he scratched his head a little bit. He’d always been awful at mending his own clothing and didn’t think the boys would enjoy the fun of stabbing yourself repeated with a sewing needle. “I think we’ll clean the garden instead.”

A couple hours later, Terra came up to let everyone know that lunch was ready to come across a rather interesting site. There was a fire lit that was happily cracking away at the leaves it was burning through and a rather pungent odour. It seemed that instead of digging in all of the manure that had been laid in the garden in the fall, a dungball fight was being had instead. To make things even better, there was a small pile of boys on top of Sabin proclaiming their victory at felling the bear.

The excess manure was everywhere on the outside of the house, the flower beds and the dock that the workers had meticulously scrubbed to a dark golden glow. Terra sighed before laughing at the pile of dirty males before coming up with a wicked idea. Edgar would be impressed at her idea as she called out to the boys.

“First boy that pushes Papa Bear into the lake gets an extra helping at lunch after they’ve cleaned themselves up!”

“Really Mama?!” the boys all asked together as Sabin looked at with barely suppressed mirth.

“You think these cubs of yours can push this mountain of a Bear into that puddle?”

“They’re certainly going to try, Sabin.” Terra replied cheerfully before laughing at him as the boys all started to haul the man toward the dock.

Sabin of course wasn’t going to go down without a fight as he hauled two of boys off the ground with ease as Terra closed the door on their festivities.

“Mama,” Annabelle asked as a loud bellow and a splash followed by the cheers of three young men resounded through the air. Terra clapped her hands over Annabelle’s ears as some rather colourful curses about the water filled the air. “Mama, what’re they doing?”

Terra smiled brightly at the girl. “Oh they’re just being boys and getting dirty.”

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