[original] Weak and Strong

Inspired by the prompt “Reach” at fiction drabbles over at dreamwidth and it kinda… took on a mind of it’s own.

The light was in reach.

A higher sort of peace enveloped the girl as she quickened toward it with renewed haste.  Her body ached from the journey and the pressure of interplanetary travel left the strong ones sore and the weak in bed for days.

Luckily, she was strong and walking of her own free will.  Her travelling companion hadn’t been so lucky as she slowed to wait for her friend.  She hadn’t been able to rise out of her seat and had felt frustrated almost immediately.

She’d sighed heavily as they’d help her into a wheelchair.  The two looked at each other and smiled warmly.  The light demonstrated by the two of them was almost as powerful as the fake sunlight that was waiting for them just within reach.  Of course, the weaker of the two would be taken home and put to bed while the stronger one would begin filling out the forms to have them recognized as citizens in their new home.

“Don’t worry about me,” the weaker one said softly.  “I’ll be fine.”

“I know you will,” the stronger one replied energetically.  “Space travel never agreed with you anyway.  The doctor will want to see you no doubt.”

The weaker one sighed heavily again as her curled red hair covered her pale face, green eyes and gently sloping nose.  She hated the doctor and the stronger one knew it.  The stronger one placed a tanned hand on the others’ shoulder and gave it a firm but gentle squeeze.  Her blue eyes glittered with positivity and the gold in her hair caught every fraction of the light that hit it.

“You’ll strong one day yourself,” the stronger one reassured the weaker one as the attendant who had come to pick them up moved to take the weaker one home.

“I’ll be strong, just like you.”

The stronger one smiled at the determined spirit of her weaker little sister and waved from the curbside as the car moved to take the weaker girl home.

They would see each other soon.

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