[fanfic] In the Face of True Terror

Gunfire rips through the air with an intense crescendo as a little girl is being carried through a thickly forested area near a place called Timber. There’s a woman to her left with long brown hair and gentle green eyes that were narrowed in stubborness as she nodded at her daughter whose eyes were wide with fright. What was happening? Everything was going by so far as she cast a wide-eyed look up at the sandy haired man who was carrying her.


Bullets flew inches past the little girl’s face as she started to scream. A hand clapped over mouth as she hugged close against the man’s chest. Her little arms clung to his neck as the bullets continued soaring through the air. She was terrified beyond belief. They hadn’t done anything wrong. Why were those people chasing her? Those people were usually very kind so what had changed today?

A shrill scream filled the air as Selphie’s mother fell to the ground. Her blood began pooling around her from the shot had slain the woman the perky brunette would barely remember. They were a family so why did they have to die? The man crushed his little girl tighter to him as he realized that they were surrounded. The Galbadian grunts formed a tight ring around father and daughter as Selphie stared at them all, wide-eyed with something beyond terror. She clawed at her father’s shirt as he got down on his knees and whispered comforting words to his little girl.

If anyone in the Tilmitt family deserved to live on, it was their only daughter. Guns cocked in the distance and were pointed at them both. Selphie stared at the guns for a second before she was enveloped in her father’s protective cocoon. It was his last gift to his little girl.

“L-live Selphie… GAH!”

Bullets rattled into the man’s body as his blood poured onto the little girl who began screaming for them to stop as tears streamed down her face both in the dream and real life. It was too much for her to take again. Magazines were eventually spent as her father collapsed to her left and Selphie, coated in the man’s blood sat up and began shaking the man.

“Daddy? Daddy, wake up. I wanna go home. Daddy, wake Mommy up. I want her to tell me another story about the baby train. Daddy…? Why’re you bleedin’? Do you need a bandaid?”

“Look at this child, she’s innocent…”

“Commander, your orders?”

“Bring the girl with us.”

The soldiers came and collected Selphie. They plucked her off the ground with ease as she began crying for her parents to get up and save her. They let her scream herself to sleep as they strapped her into a seat to bring the little girl back to Timber.

The rebels had been eliminated. The only survivor was an orphaned little girl who was the only witness.

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