[original] The Corporeal One

The Challenge: Start a scene with a solitary character and have it transition to where there are at least five characters in the scene. I took a bit of a twist on the notion. Hope you enjoy it! Feedback is loved if you feel inclined to leave it. 😀

She laid there in a cacophony of beeping machines, tubes and stale fluorescent light. The accident had left her in a state where she couldn’t wake. Her mind whirled and her corporeal self saw everything around her. From the sterile white walls to the monitors and machines dotting the room with medical skyscrapers. Her physical body lay motionless in its organized web of tubing that her alter form couldn’t fathom as a person with curly red hair cascading down their back entered the room.

“Hey, can you hear me?” she asked as she wiped a lock of burnt red away from her friends’ peaceful face. The person sounded sad and didn’t expect a response as the corporeal self whispered that she was okay. It was just a bump on the head after all, she’d wake up soon. Then the person walked away as their skirt bloomed in their wake.

A doctor came in to see if his patient had awoken and upon seeing that she was still in a comatose state, turned on his coattails and left. A nurse arrived shortly the doctor left, changed the intravenous bags, signed her chart and left after completing their clinical duties. That little bit of colour from the nurse’s scrubs was the only change in the scenery for the corporeal one.

The corporeal one smiled sadly and whispered her thanks as a burly man entered the room what felt like eons later. His hair was clipped and his shoulders and arms were well-muscled. He sported a wife beater tank top, camouflage shorts and hiking boots and didn’t bother to seat himself in the tiny chair that was next to her bed. She whispered that she’d be back with him soon as he placed his ham-like hand over hers and frowned deeply.

“You have to come back to me,” he begged. “The days just aren’t the same without your smile; without your laugh. I need you…”

She chided him from where she was and felt her heart shattering as he stared at her prone body. “Jay… wake up. Please…”

She decided to give him a sign as he folded her hand in his. Jay gave it a squeeze and watched as his face changed from that dark frown to one of hope. She watched as he raced out to get the doctor.

He wasn’t giving up and neither would she. Jay may have been out of her body but now, it was time to go back and join the world.

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