[fanfic] Colour Everywhere

What’s this?! What’s this?! There’s colour everywhere!
Prompt: Sabin finds a light saber from Rydia!

“What’s this?” Sabin wondered as he picked up a strange cylinder off the path and turned it over in his hands.

It was light.  Almost too light to be of any use but it gave Sabin the feeling of being very old as his calloused fingers ran over every nook and cranny of the object.  The outcroppings on the bottom of the weapon made the Prince wonder about the purpose of the object.  What was it used for?  A paperweight?  A bookend?  A door jamb? There were all sorts of ideas about the alien feeling device in his hands as his fingers brushed over a peculiar orange button and watched as the object flickered to life.

“What the…?” he exclaimed as he leapt back from the object.  His eyes were wide with surprise as a blue blade flickered to life.  Sabin cautiously moved back to the weapon and picked up what was clearly a hilt.  He’d never seen a weapon do this before…

“Sabin, what’d you find?”

Panicking, Sabin rubbed his finger back over the button he’d pressed before and watched the blade vanish from sight.  He quickly shoved the relic into his travel bag and made a mental note to sell it to the merchants in South Figaro the next time he was in the port town.

“Nothing, Master!”

Duncan looked over his shoulder at Sabin with a shrewd look.  He knew his pupil well enough by now to know that the young man was hiding something but the older man-made no mind of it.  If it were important, Sabin would have brought it to him within moments of discovering it.  He merely nodded to the Princeling and continued making his way deep into the mountains where their training camp was located.

“If you say so, my son.”

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