[fanfic] Boys will be Boys

Boredom strikes fear into the hearts of the bored, or so the saying goes. The summers were hot in the desert, particularly inside a stone castle. While those who were smart retreated to cooler areas of their homes, foolish little boys such as Figaro’s twin princes were out exploring in the surrounding sand dunes under the watchful eye of their father, King Alexander. The heat danced off the sand as the two went tumbling down a particularly large dune, gales of laughter following in their wake.

The King couldn’t help but smile as his two boys – named Edgar and Sabin – went on about their daily activities like nothing else in the world mattered at all. To think that one day, one of these innocent children would take his place upon a throne…

“Dad, come play with us!” his youngest called up to him from the bottom of the dune.

“We found a chocobo nest!” the oldest chimed in.

Looking over his shoulder, Alexander noted how similar his sons looked from afar. They both had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, jaw lines, everything. But the father knew better. He knew that within these two bodies were completely different souls. One was carefree, loving of simple things where the other was serious, studious, loved complexity and machines. Sabin would spend more time with his mother than himself where Edgar was almost inseparable from his side.

A chance glance over at the sun brought to the King’s attention that it was getting late to have these boys outside. Looking down at his boys, they were innocently poking at a pair of black speckled eggs the size of their heads. Sighing and remembering that boys will be boys, the father leapt down from his perch atop a chocobo and walked quickly down the hill. Crouching beside Sabin, he noted that these eggs were not ready to be hatched and that by having them there, the parents of these Chicobos-to-be would be angered by their intrusion into their nest.

“This is a mighty find you have both found but we must be heading back to the castle.”

“But why?” Sabin whined, pouting at his father.

“Can’t we take one home with us?” Edgar piped in beside his brother.

“It is getting late my boys,” Alexander pointed out. “And you are both covered in sand; Matron will not be impressed with either of you.”

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