[fanfic] Beets


“Beets? Why beets Squall?”

“Because they’re good for you, Selphie.”

“You’re not making me eat them are you?”

“Quit stabbing at them with your fork and just try it. You might like it.”



“They smell horrible! Why can’t we have the canned ones?”

“Because the fresh ones are better for you.”

“How can you eat them?”

“A little butter goes a long way.”

“They still taste gross!”

“… …”

“Fine then. Silence it is!”

“… Why don’t you like them?”

“I don’t know… I used to like them when I was a kid but now… I can’t stand the smell of them being cooked or the taste they leave in your mouth when you’re done eating them! They’re sooooo gross!”

“Then why did you take some?”

“Because you did?”


“Well, they didn’t give me a lot of choice. It was either beets, or brussel sprouts.”

“Eat the brussel sprouts.”


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