[fanfic] First Watch

They all sat around a cheery campfire in silence. There was nothing to say this evening and the day’s journey had been tiring. They were all wounded to various degrees from the monsters that couldn’t take a hint but a little white magic took care of those wounds with relative ease. There were two missing from their circle with the excuse of taking the first watch. It was never an easy job but they had all taken their turn at the dreaded role when the sun slowly sank into the eastern horizon.

Naturally, the children in their group were spared the duty under the assumption of being too young to do an adults work. As the children were wrapped in their sleeping rolls for the night by those charged with their care, one had been at work, brewing tea for the first set of guards. It was Sabin’s favourite tea that he’d brought along in a cherished canister from his mountain home and was mixed with care into the water before two steaming mugs of the brew were presented to the guards with care.

The Princeling first made his way to their green haired companion. Terra was one of the few in this world who had truly lost everything. She’d lost her family, her memories and her reason to keep going. At that time, Sabin had been certain that she wouldn’t be the same girl he’d first met. Scared for all it was worth but still determined to find her place in the world. It had taken her sometime but, she’d found her reason to fight again as Sabin placed a rough hand on her armoured shoulder. She had a fighter’s instinct however. Her hand went first to her weapon as she began to draw it out before her green eyes snapped toward the hand and looked up at the Prince warily whose hand had snapped back in recoil from her flinching.

“Sabin!”she breathed out. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Heh heh, sorry about that Terra,” he apologized immediately. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to bring you some tea.”

“Oh… well, thank you, Sabin,” she returned shyly. “I wonder how the kids in Mobliz are doing.”

Sabin’s hand returned to her shoulder in understanding. She was off saving the world, taking things one day at a time and still her mind was on the orphaned children of Mobliz. They were her reason
to fight. It was the Halfling’s greatest wish to make this world a safe place for those brave children to grow up in. They’d persevered during a year of Phunbaba’s relentless assaults and still, they called that ruined village their home.

“I’m sure they’re fine, Terra,” he said reassuringly. “You don’t need to worry about them with Duane and Katarin around.”

“I know but… it’s still hard,” the girl receded.

“They’re proud of their mama for doing what she thinks is right. Don’t forget that. ”

Terra looked about ready to disagree but she nodded her head slightly as she sipped at the tea and cast her warrior’s gaze back out to the scene before her. “This is good tea. You should take some to Cyan.”

“I planned on it,” Sabin returned with a toothy grin and a flick to the second metal cup he held in his hand.

Cyan Garamonde. Another man who, like Terra, had lost everything thanks to Kefka. His wife, his son and his home were all gone thanks to that man. Regardless of losing everything, Cyan stood there, guarding their flank tall and resolute like any other Doman Sabin had ever encountered. They were a proud people, a strong people and the Prince knew that the last Retainer of that kingdom would uphold its culture until his dying breath. It may have taken pleas from the grave for the man to let himself live again but there he stood, as proud and resolute as the day Sabin had met the man.

“Cyan,” Sabin called to the older man.

“Ah, Sabin. ‘Tis a fine evening, wouldst thou not agree?” Cyan queried.

“You could say that. Did you want some tea, old friend? I just finished brewing it.” Sabin offered as he presented the mug to his friend.

“Ah, ‘tis the perfect drink for first watch.” Cyan accepted the drink before taking a long drag of the brew and nodding approvingly. “My friend, if thou were not a Prince, thou wouldst have a fine career in a tea house.”

Sabin couldn’t help but laugh at that. It was a loud laugh that echoed throughout their enclosure and was carried away on the breeze that began to blow. “Looks like someone doesn’t like your joke, my friend.”

“Ah, such is my fate,” Cyan admitted in a tone of mock-defeat.

“It could be worse,” Sabin said with a droll grin on his face. “If it’d been me cracking that joke, it’d probably start –”

A peal of thunder rumbled through the air as Sabin’s grin went from droll to wry in a matter of moments. Fat drops of rain began splattering soon after the thunder began to grumble through the sky. It was just their luck on the first watch.

“Thine bad sense of humour has brought the rain along with it, my friend,” Cyan said before laughing heartily.

“Ironic no?”

“Nay,” Cyan refused to believe that as his cloak whipped through the air. “Just coincidence.”

“Whatever you wish to call it, old man.”
Written for Wallwalker over at Dreamwidth using the prompt for Cyan and Terra “Living for each day as it comes.”

Big thanks to Rydia for the beta/edit! You’re a peach!

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