[fanfic] The End

Title: The End

Fandom: Tales of the Abyss

Prompt: 110- Death at Fiction Drabbles over at Dreamwidth

Thanks to Akai for the mini beta! ^^

He could feel his life draining out.  As Asch stared at the swords stained with crimson blood, very few thoughts were running through his mind.  As the numb sensation began running its course from the tips of his fingertips, his thoughts lingered to his family.

The Mother he’ll never see again.

The Father he’d never speak to again.

The dreck…

Asch smiled.  To think that a Replica would finish his task in his place left the bloodied God General with a bittersweet feeling inside.  He’d bought the Replica all the time that he could.

The end was about to approach.

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