[fanfic] Fate

Title: Fate
Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII (first crossover!)
Characters: Yuffie Kisaragi, Selphie Tilmitt, Zell Dincht, Squall Leonhart

Destiny.  That’s what two little troublemakers from two completely different worlds would call it later on.  The worlds had been connected through some mysterious force and Balamb Garden had wound up just off the shores of Wutai.  Selphie Tilmitt, part of the Garden Welcome Wagon as she’d dubbed it was one of the first SeeD’s to set foot into the Ninja Village.  The Pagoda looming in the background had Selphie’s eyes wide with wonder to the point that she didn’t notice the giant shuriken flying in her direction until the very last moment as she thrust her nunchaku out and deflected the deadly sounding blow into a nearby pine tree.

The perky brunette’s hands went right to her hips and she cast an annoyed glance at the young woman blocking their only way into town.  Zell and Squall were shifting into battle positions as Selphie glanced at the trees around them and heard the odd twig snapping on the ground as she joined her friends in getting ready for a fight.  It probably wasn’t the best idea of their little squad to let Selphie take point as it usually led to all kinds of trouble.

Squall watched with a blank look as the two young women exchanged dirty looks with each other.  This situation was quickly deteriorating into something that could be avoided.  The SeeD Commander dropped his weapon to the ground before uttering an order for the other two to stand down.  Selphie shot a questioning looking in his direction before he nodded for her to settle down.  The hot look didn’t dissipate from her face but she complied with the order and dropped her weapon.

“Oh yeah, that’s really smart,” the young woman called from the gate.  “Dropping your weapons when we could kill you all in a heartbeat.”

Squall moved forward as Selphie opened her mouth to retort to the insult.  He placed a hand on her shoulder as he could feel the hostility between the duo already.  It’d take the two brunettes a while to become accustomed to each other, much less get along.

“We’re from Balamb Garden.  We’re here to gather information about our current location,” Squall explained in a blunt manner.

“It wasn’t necessary to throw a giant shuriken at me either,” Selphie snapped hotly.

“Well maybe if you didn’t gawking off at the awesome that is the Wutai Pagoda, you wouldn’t have to worry about that now would you?” Yuffie snarked back.

“How about you come and –”

Selphie.” Squall said to the perky brunette tersely.  “Stand down, that’s an order.”

Selphie opened her mouth to protest but thought against it in the end.  It wouldn’t be wise to argue with the leader of their mission in front of unknown people.  Her fists balled at her sides in barely suppressed anger before she stood back next to Zell who was scanning the area to check for unwanted guests.

“Yuffie,” a gruff voice called.  “Show them to the Pagoda.  These people are not our enemy.”

Yuffie spun to look at her Father before crossing her arms over her chest and nodding glumly.  She padded off to the side of the gateway and gestured for the trio to enter the town.

“You can tell your men to stand down,” Squall said calmly as he picked up his gunblade and sheathed it with ease.  “We’re not here for a fight.”

Selphie picked up her nunchaku and inspected it with a sigh at the damage Yuffie’s shuriken had down to it.  She said nothing as she tucked the weapon into its holster before following the Commander into the enclosure of the town.

“Stand down,” Yuffie shouted with disdain before she began to lead the three toward her Father’s residence.

The sound of men leaping down from their hiding positions was the only sound that the three paid attention to as they marched through the town in silence.  There was no small talk between the four as they eventually arrived at the Wutai Pagoda.

“The old man’s on the top floor,” Yuffie said as the trio moved toward the entrance.

“Thank you,” Squall returned calmly as he moved past the ninja girl.

“What’s going on here?” Selphie whispered as the door closed behind her.

“I don’t know, Selphie.  We’ll find out when we get to the top floor.”

The perky brunette considered asking what was on Squall’s mind as they began trudging up the flights of stairs to the top level but decided not to.  All would be revealed to them by the leader of Wutai when they got to the top of the Pagoda.

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