[original] Taller than You

Title: Taller than You
Challenge/Prompt: 108: Anticipation at fiction_drabbles on dreamwidth
Original Fiction or Fanfiction: Original Fiction

“Now Zosimus?”

“Now, little one.”

“Why do you still call me that?”

The Guardian of the young Queen chuckled at her query before patting her on the head. There was still a good height inches difference in height between the two of them. “You know why.”

“Tell me anyway, I can’t sleep.”

Zosimus smiled kindly as he pulled the shutters down over the multi-faceted lightshow the prismatic glass played at night.

“Will you rest if I do?”

“Depends,” the blonde haired girl replied slyly. “Do you think I’ll ever be taller than you?”

“You are only sixteen, my little one.”

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