[fanfic] Coronation

Title: Coronation
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Edgar Roni Figaro
Rating: G
Summary: It’s time to pass the title to a new generation.
Notes: Inspired by the Lonely Prompt After his Father’s death submitted by wallwalker at fic_promptly over at dreamwidth.org!

Sabin had done more than enough in expressing both outrage and grief at the suddenness of their Father’s death. The younger twin brother had eventually ended up fleeing the castle, sick of the royal life which sadly left Edgar with a kingdom to put back together after the untimely demise. Sadly, this left the young king with little time to grieve as he stood before the crowded throne room.

With no time to himself at the present time, Edgar stood before the people of his proud country with a sense of sad pride plaguing his mind. There was no doubt in the minds of those closest to the future King of Figaro that he would never be the same carefree boy they’d help to raise with love and kindness but instead, a proud man intent on carrying on the legacy of his forefathers.

The young boy, soon to become a powerful leader with much to learn stood before his people in the royal uniform passed down from generation to generation. He knelt down between the two thrones that were recently occupied by two parents that he missed dearly as the crown and fur-lined cape of the Figaro family were placed upon his head and draped over his shoulders respectively.

Edgar naturally wished that Sabin was there by his side. Even if the bear didn’t want to be the King of their homeland, the elder would have greatly appreciated the presence of his brother by his side. It was more for the calming effect of having the younger brother there with his goofy grin and awful jokes than anything else.

Sabin wasn’t there however. He’d given up the life of a young royal for the freedom that Edgar too desperately craved. There stood Edgar in his place, with family sceptre in hand, overbearing crown upon his head and the heavy furs of the cape upon his shoulders. He looked over his subjects with pride and sadness as he hoisted the sceptre into the air.

“Long live King Edgar,” the assembled exclaimed.

Edgar’s coronation gave his people a newfound sense of hope and he refused to let these people down.

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