[fanfic] Relent

Title: Relent
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters: Snow and Vanille with appearances by the rest of the cast.
Rating: Good old G!
Summary: Sometimes, you just have to relent.

It was a rare moment; a moment of no fighting and running or wondering when Dysley would strike next. Instead, it was a moment of quiet and pouring rain, surrounded by the lush vegetation that surrounded our merry band of l’Cie misfits. Little Vanille stood in front of the giant Snow with her hands pressed together while the blond giant merely stared at her, clearly perplexed.

“C’mon Snow, just this once?” Vanille asked innocently.

There were things that heroes did constantly and other times when a young lady from Gran Pulse asks you for something with those puppy dog eyes of hers, you just have to relent. Snow… definitely wasn’t Lightning and couldn’t just walk this off as an unusual occurrence. Granted, it was an unusual request from Vanille to do something this preposterous and silly but sometimes, you just have to relent.

There sat Snow, jacket shrugged off in a heap to his left and customary black bandana discarded for vanity’s sake. Vanille was humming happily to herself as she carefully worked the comb through Snow’s wet and thoroughly matted hair. He didn’t need to keep up appearances in Gran Pulse anyway so why did it matter if his hair looked like a nest of rats lived in it? He’d ask Vanille this while she intently pulled the comb through his tangled locks despite his protests that were increasing in volume with every pull.

This of course, brought Lightning right over with a scowl on her face. She was wondering just what the hell was going on that Snow had to insist upon yelling and giving away their location to every monster and Sanctum military member in the general vicinity. Sazh shook his head before walking away as Fang and Hope stood nearby with a mix of horror and amusement on their faces.

Snow just looked at them all blandly before shrugging his shoulders.

“You gotta do, what ya gotta do sometimes.”

Sometimes, you just have to relent.

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