[fanfic] Just not Enough

Title: Just not Enough
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Selphie, Quistis and Zell
Rating: G
Summary: Not enough sleep leads to worried friends.

Written for dailyprompt over at Dreamwidth using the prompt “Too little sleep”

Too little sleep left Selphie feeling like she had no energy.  She yawned loudly enough for Quistis and Zell to take notice and look at her suspiciously.  The perky brunette was never the last one to rise and today she was?  Something… just didn’t make sense.  It’s not like they were camping in the middle of a forest and were taking turns on guard duty; it was from it.  They were in the heart of Esthar’s Presidential Palace and it was next to impossible for someone to break in let alone make it to the inner walls of the massive building in the city.

So why was Selphie yawning?

“Hey uh, Selphie?” Zell opened carefully.  “You okay?  You look a little tired today.”

“Huh?” Selphie blinked some more sleep out of her eyes before smiling cheerfully at her concerned friends.  “I’m fine; I was just talking to Irvine last night.”

“Until what time,” Quistis continued with a raised set of eyebrows.

Selphie grinned sheepishly then and she knew that she was in for a world of trouble.  Her bad logic indicated that she should lie and make it seem like everything was fine.  She didn’t want her friends to know that she had been arguing with Irvine for half the night and then had promptly called Rinoa to vent about stupid boyfriends.  Zell was happily involved with the library girl and Quistis wasn’t interested in anyone around Garden so that left Selphie to call the only person she knew that was dating another person in her circle of friends.

“Selphie Tilmitt,” Quistis snapped impatiently as Selphie shot back out of her reverie.  “What time were you up until last night and don’t bother lying to me either.”

Selphie swallowed nervously here.  There was no point in trying to lie to her friends about it now.  Quistis was one of the few that could see through Selphie’s carefully built walls of cheer as the perky brunette’s smile dropped to a thoughtful frown.

“Quistis, can we talk about it later?  In private?”

Quistis blinked, taken aback by the serious tone in Selphie’s voice.  Something had to be up if the girl wanted to talk in private.  The Instructor nodded encouragingly before patting her friend on the shoulder and smiled gently.  “Of course, Selphie.”

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