[fanfic] Whatever it Takes

A new fandom enters this little blog of mine! Puella Magi Madoka Magica to be exact. If you haven’t watched this latest foray into Mahou Shoujo (magical girl) anime, I highly recommend it! It’s a dark little anime series but it’s very good!

Title: Whatever it Takes
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character: Homura
Rating: G
Written for Aneneko over at fic_promptly with “she’s seen the world end time and time again” over at Dreamwidth.org!

It was starting to get old and Homura was getting sick of it. She was sick of losing her friends one by one to the Witches, to Kyuubey, to circumstance, to everything. There were only so many times that she could rewind time and try to change things. It was starting to feel like no matter what Homura ended up doing, it was all in vain, nothing was gained from her efforts.

She was growing tired of losing her best friend. Her dear Madoka was the only one who meant anything to Homura. She’d grown to enjoy the company of Kyoko, Sayaka and Mami but she truly cherished every moment that she spent with Madoka. Madoka, brimming with confidence as she fought the witches, watched her friends die one by one.

Even as she stood in front of the Walpurgis Night with her expression brimming with her determination, Homura, still knew that she’d do whatever it took to protect Madoka. She’d shot Kyuubey, was inadvertently hostile about Madoka being a Puella Magi and there was just so much that Homura didn’t want Madoka to get involved in.

Whatever it took, Homura would do it.

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