[fanfic] Everything

Title: Everything
Challenge/Prompt: #95 – Copy from Fiction Drabbles @ Dreamwidth
Characters/Pairings: Asch; Luke is mentioned
Rating: G
Warnings: Annnnnnnnngst
Summary: Why did he get everything?

He was the replica.  He was the fake.  He was the copy.

So why was it that he got everything that Asch had ever wanted?  Why was it that when Asch had been taken away as a boy, he’d never gotten to return?  Why was this?  Asch deserved to be with his parents and Natalia.  He wanted it all so badly that it took every fibre of his being to suppress the urge to go back there and declare the new Luke as an impostor.

It was total envy.  It was complete jealousy.  It was everything that he’d ever wanted.


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