[fanfic] The Power of Protection

Title: The Power of Protection
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Sabin Rene Figaro, Vargas, Duncan
Summary: A brutal sparring session leads one to a revelation.
Rating: PG
Notes: Inspired by the prompt “Not without a purpose; not without a fight.” over at Dailyprompt at Dreamwidth!

Blows rang through the air in a steady rhythm as the two students engaged in another sparring match. The master’s son, always considered the favourite out of all the students, was taking on the novice Sabin. They were the same age and roughly the same height and build as the two began exchanging blows once again. Logically, Vargas had the upper hand in the spar. The master’s son had been training for years with his father where Sabin had been training for a few meagre weeks.

“Is that the worst you can do, whelp?” Vargas taunted.

Sabin’s feet ground into the packed, dry earth before he launched another series of barrages against the seasoned youth. The Princeling was far too green to be taking a more experienced and arrogant man but his stubborn pride kept him going. Vargas could probably beat Sabin in the face by the end of the day and the blond would keep assaulting the teacher’s pet. With a mighty roar, the cub drove his fist in a surprise attack that had Vargas staggering back with a look of pure shock on his tanned face.

He spit blood onto the ground before he stalked over to the Prince and hauled him off the ground like he were no more than a stuffed toy.

“Don’t think you’ve won just because you landed one lucky punch,” he sneered at Sabin who smirked confidently.
“Who said anything about winning?”

Vargas roared in rage before he launched Sabin into the air. The master’s son leapt into the air soon after and the two exchanged blows before coming back to the earth where the duo landed hand on the parched earth, their impacts throwing up billows of dust to cover up their next set of attacks. Cracking bone was heard before a sickening thud signalled the end of their current spar.


The roar emitted from Duncan’s throat had Vargas looking over in disbelief at his father from his crumpled heap. His arm was hanging limply from his side as Sabin stared at the more experienced young man in surprise. The bellow that came from Duncan fell upon his deaf ears. The master saw this and walked purposefully over to Sabin and placed his weathered hand upon the youth’s shoulder.

“Now you know why there’s great responsibility in learning the martial arts my boy. Will you use your talents for good? Or for evil?”

Sabin swallowed roughly before nodding slowly. He wanted to get stronger to protect his home, his brother and everything else he held dear in Figaro. His usually jovial features settled into a serious expression before he looked over at his Master. His answer was a simple one that had all in their small camp in awe of his immediate decision.

“I want to protect.”

Duncan’s deeply lined face cracked into a broad grin before he clapped the boy on the shoulder. “A wise answer my boy. The power to protect is a truly noble cause.”

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