[fanfic] Three Seconds Flat

Title: Three Seconds Flat
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Characters: Selphie and Irvine
They’d warned Selphie about pushing those buttons…

The day had almost started out like any other. He would get up at the crack of dawn; grab a steaming cup of horribly made coffee from Garden’s cafeteria before heading down to the hangar. Every morning, Selphie was there waiting for him with her hip jutted out to one side and a foot tapping impatiently. The petite girl wanted to get a move-on as Irvine walked right past her. Of course, he gave her hair a customary tousle, feeling that it brought him good luck.

It would be his luck that one the day he hadn’t ruffled her hair for luck would be the day that Selphie would forget the warning about the buttons in the Ragnarok. They were soaring through the sky, cutting through the clouds when the ship took an unexpected dive in altitude toward the ocean.

“WHOA! Darlin’, which button you pushin’ there?” Irvine asked in alarm.

“I pushed the big, yellow one,” she replied, brimming with excitement. “Let’s do it again!”

“NO!” Irvine shouted as Selphie looked up at him in worry.

Why not? It’s not like they were going to crash into the ocean as the perky brunette shook her head in confusion. She had perfect control over the Ragnarok so what was wrong with experimenting with the random buttons? Of course, she’d been told on more than one occasion not to touch the big yellow button or the medium-sized red one, and definitely not to touch the small green one in the upper right-hand corner of the panel. Her lower lip was jutting out into a pout that has Irvine about ready to melt in three seconds flat.

“Please don’t do that again, darlin’.”

“Why? It’s fun!”

“Squall’s gonna want a report if the Ragnarok crashes into the ocean.”

Selphie’s face visibly blanched at the mention of having to write a report over her joyride and the possible crash she could have caused.

In three seconds flat, she was bringing the Ragnarok up to its customary altitude because at the end of the day, hell hath no fury like an annoyed Squall Leonhart.

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