[fanfic] A Chilly Hug

Title: A Chilly Hug
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Characters: Selphie, Irvine and Squall
Summary: Irvine should’ve known better…

Selphie was a silly little imp with a penchant for periodically causing mischief; or she was just far too bored. She could’ve been bored to tears but it was okay.

Except for the cold as it was quite chilly on that one August morning. The SeeD’s had come upon a river and realizing that they probably wouldn’t get another chance for days, had opted for some hardcore cleaning.

Themselves and clothing included.

The six of them all stood around in whatever was the cleanest bits of clothing that they owned. In Selphie’s case, the majority of her clothes were thoroughly stained with the gore from monsters and the usual mud and grass stains. Naturally, she’d sauntered up to the Cowboy and asked if she could borrow a shirt of his.

Selphie now crouched over a makeshift wash basin, scrubbing her clothes on the smoothest rocks all of them could find. The mud and grass stains came out the easiest; the gore was a bit more difficult.

“Hey Irvy,” she called out sweetly. “Can you help me with this?”

“Want me to scrub your back for ya darlin’,” he asked casually.

A frown creased the perky brunette’s face before she subsided to glaring daggers at the Cowboy. Her lower lip jutted out into a pout moments later as she plopped herself into the frigid water. Shivers went up her spine as she sloshed her jumper in the basin.

“I can’t get this stain out,” she pointed at a rather large red spot near the top of the dress. “Can you help me please?”

“Let her do it herself,” Squall called from where he was splashing his face with water. “Maybe she’ll learn not to be so clumsy.”

“It’s not mud or grass ya big sourpuss,” she shot back hotly at the scarred brunet. “It’s a great big blood stain.”

“Where you were wounded a few days ago no doubt.”

Selphie brushed a hand over the scar at the bottom of her right armpit with chilled fingers. That was a disadvantage to using healing magic. It could heal any wound but there was always a chance that it might leave a scar.

“So what? We weren’t anywhere near a river then!”

“Okay darlin’,” the cowboy interjected carefully as he shoved Selphie aside so he could get a better look at the stain.


Splash. Selphie came back up spluttering, teeth chattering as Irvine quickly busied himself with removing stain. His bare back was exposed to the sun, glistening ever so slightly. The young teen clambered to her feet, shivering slightly as the cool water trickled down her arms and legs. Irvine shot her an apologetic glance before busying himself with the stained clothing in front of him.

The dress was a lost cause unless they could their hands on some detergent and he relayed this to Selphie. The cowboy pushed the dress aside, letting it soak in the water, hoping that it would work the stain out of the clothing on its own. He pulled up something he shouldn’t have and grinned vicariously at the young girl before flashing the chocobo print panties at her. He whistled at her before ringing the garment of excess water.

This was when Selphie took matters into her own hands. There was a good foot of height between the two of them as Selphie hopped into the air. Irvine just stared at her in horror before giving off a shrill, not-very-manly sounding scream. His soaked shit and the person inside of it had hugged him rather tightly as the perky brunette rubbed her cold, wet hair against his neck.

“SEFIE GET OFFA ME WILL YA?!” Irvine bellowed.

Squall and the others looked over to Irvine and Selphie’s antics and just sighed.

Selphie’s laughter filled the air for the rest of the day.

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