[Poetry] Allegretto

So allow me to tell you a story of a  very evil writing technique called Iambic Pentameter.  For some silly and ultimately strange reason, I felt inspired to write a Shakespearean styled Sonnet with my lovely aforementioned friend.  Sonnets combine two things that make me want to cry: rhyming and making sure that there are ten syllables per line.  It’s eviller than it sound trust me.  Anywho, here’s a little sonnet inspired by a tempo in music known solely as Allegretto (fast paced.)

He tickles the ivory keys with care
And caresses the black ones gracefully
The song that’s playing has no speed to spare;
A tempo that flies fastidiously.

Allegretto is the name of the speed
That has his fingers carefully racing
Along with ease.  Despite the clear reading
Of music from times due our respecting.

The tune is beautiful and enchanting.
With every accidental sealing his fate.
The audience applauds and persisting
As the player escapes at a quick rate.

The player cracks his knuckles and complains
“Allegretto’s too fast a speed to contain!”

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