[fanfic] Sold Out

I’m warning you all right now! Your chances of guttering here are extremely high.  I couldn’t help myself.  This was written forFFVIII_100 and I just couldn’t help myself!  What can I say?  Sometimes you’ve just gotta mock the characters that you love.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good cock blocking in FF8 anyway?

Also, the prompt was Gluttony.  They’re having a seven deadly sins theme at the moment.

It was his day.

Or it was supposed to be.  Instead, it was turning out to be someone else’s day entirely.  Zell craved hot dogs like Selphie craved pixi stix .  All he wanted was one tiny morsel of his favourite delight.  To taste that sweating meat between its buns with sauce leaking out of the end delighted his senses in ways that only a hot dog enthusiast could understand.

Unless they saw that fated sign that anyone in Balamb Garden loathed to see.  He’d finally reached the front of the line to boot.

The hot dogs were sold out.


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