[fanfic] Dismantled

I suddenly have a new muse to explore so this is the first piece!  Scattered Thoughts, say hello to your first Final Fantasy X piece starring none other than Rikku! 😀

For as long as she could remember, Rikku had been playing with Machina.  They fascinated her and she longed to take them apart at every opportunity that she got.  Her father always scolded her when she was done but regardless, she got away with taking apart the machines anyway.

Home was just like that.  All the kids were taking apart their parents’ machine and as they say; monkey see, monkey do.  It started with time telling devices because Rikku was fascinated with all the tiny cogs that went into each piece.  Later on, she’d go parading around Home showing off her latest piece of jewellery and earn another scolding from Cid.

It was okay with Rikku though.

The next day, she’d gotten into the Machina Workshop where she stared at the defense Machina.  With her little hands twitching away, her little feet brought her closer and closer to the machines.  Her hands dove into her pockets and pulled out her tiny toolkit.  She unfurled the roll of fabric on the dusty floor to reveal various screwdrivers and wrenches as she immediately busied herself with the dismantling of the latest model of Machina that would defend their Home.

It was just as she’d finished deconstructing the device that she heard the outraged roar of her father who began spluttering curses in the mother-tongue before Rikku stood in front of the pile of parts with a sheepish grin on her face.

“Hi Daddy,” she chirped out.

“Get.  Out.  NOW!” The Al-bhed leader bellowed before he stomped over to the machine and began shouting curses with renewed fervor.

Rikku bolted from the workshop but went to hunt down her friends to show off her newest collection of cogs to add to her jewellery collection.  She may have dismantled a machine but to the little girl, the addition of more beads for her bangles was more than worth it.


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