[original] Lost in the Music

There are three things I’d like to note about this piece. Inspiration hit me very late in the night and I decided to write something quickly before I went to bed. It also applies minimalism (the lack of description of the characters for example) and is mainly dialogue. The characters can look anyway that you want them to. 🙂 Use your imagination and let me know what you think the characters look like.

His foot was tapping to the thrumming bass vibrating through the floor of the dark club.  The riffs from the old Stratocaster guitar being used were ripping through the air with an unforeseen ferocity.  The drummer was keeping the rhythm even though it sounded like it was being made up as they went along.  It merely added to the viciousness of the song.

The crowd was really into the tune being played as a pale set of hands wrapped around the crook of his elbow nervously.  Looking down, he saw his young, female charge who had insisted on coming with him for the evening.

“I warned you.”

“I know.”

“You should’ve listened to me.  I knew you wouldn’t like this music.”

“I know.”

“What have we learned?”

“That this guy can’t sing!”

That earned a good natured hair ruffling and a bark of laughter out of the man.  He downed the rest of his beer before standing up and grabbing the soft hand of his charge, went to leave the night club.

“Shall we go someplace where we won’t get lost in the music?”

The girl nodded eagerly at this idea.  “Let’s go!”

“Let’s go, then.”

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