[fanfic] An Ordinary Day

He sits at a computer terminal in a small room, eyes focused on the screen.  He’s busy writing the report of their latest mission when the door to Squall’s room slides open effortlessly.  The stormy eyed youth hears a familiar voice shouting at someone in the hallway before the door closes.  Boots are taping precariously along the tiled floor as Squall’s hands quit moving across the keys.

“Selphie, if you unplug this computer again you’ll be cleaning the Training Centre’s T-Rexuar dung catcher by yourself.”


Squall smirks at the screen before turning around and fixing a level stare upon the perky brunette.  “What can I help you with Selphie?”

“I’m bored,” she answers sullenly.

“Don’t you have a report of your own to finish?”

“Maybe,” she supplies before casting her green eyes upon the ceiling tiles.  Suddenly, counting the number of dots in each tile seems much more entertaining than accosting Squall for entertainment.

“Maybe as in you’ve completed your report?”


Squall frowns.  “Is your report finished Selphie?”


“Selphie, can you say anything other than maybe?” He asks.

“Maybe,” she says with a slight giggle.

It seems like today is going to be one of those days, Squall thinks as he rubs the bridge between his eyes.  Selphie wants something from him, he’s certain of it.  That could be the only rationale behind her childish antics for that day.  |He sighs as he mulls over what it is that she wants from him.

“Alright Selphie, what do you want?”

She stands at attention and fixes a serious look upon her face.  It differs considerably from the usually impish one that she usually has on her face.

“Selphie,” he says firmly.  “What do you require?  This report is –”

“It’s past seven o’clock,” she answers finally.  “You said you’d eat dinner with us all.  Instead, we find you up here throwing yourself into your work as usual.”

“Your point, Selphie?”

At this, she walks up to the SeeD Commander and grabs his hands, intent on dragging him out of his fortress of solitude.  He lets her pull him up from the chair, feeling more confident about avoiding an argument then getting into one.

“It’s time to eat and we’re all waiting for you.  The Orphanage Gang insists that their fearless leader eat dinner with them every day so that he doesn’t forget that he’s just as human as the rest of us.”

Squall frowns again but slips into a pair of sandals that he only uses in Garden.  He glances at the schedule calendar and the clock next to it.  He sighs and let’s Selphie have her way.

“Well, I guess I better go eat then but you have to finish your report afterward.”


It’s just an ordinary day at Balamb Garden after all.

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