[fanfic] Selphie Tilmitt: Adrenaline Junkie

The things that get written when inspiration hits! This is why one should never dare Selphie to do something stupid.

One of these days, SeeD’s and cadets alike were going to learn that it was a bad idea to dare Selphie into doing something stupid.  They’d drop an idea within earshot of her, claiming that no one would ever have the nerve to do it.  Naturally, this always resulted in Selphie leaping up and stating with every bit of confidence she contained in her petite frame that she wasn’t afraid of anything.

Thus, a challenge was made during the next field exam.

“Hey guys, did you see that huge waterfall out there?” One cadet whispered.

“Yeah.” Another cadet responded with bland indifference.  One could tell that the second cadet was used to having these conversations with the other.

Selphie was just entering the room with a tray full of the blandest looking cafeteria food Galbadia Garden could have ever offered.  It looked like the meat could leap up off the tray she’d been supplied and dance the merriest jig anyone had ever seen as those cadets continued their excited chatter.

“It’d be awesome to jump off that.”

“What?!  Are you crazy?”

The first cadet hesitated as they began to think about that notion.  “I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right,” the bland cadet continued with a sudden influx of concern.  “Nobody in their right mind would jump off the top of that water into the lake below.  It’s twenty feet in the air!”

Selphie stopped dead in her tracks.  She couldn’t help but listen to this story and was getting a horrible idea.  The horrible idea however wasn’t a horrible idea to Selphie.

“I’d jump,” she said simply before seating herself at a nearby table.

The two cadets stared at her incredulously as she went about eating her lunch with relative disinterest.  The food was awful at Galbadia and had her wondering if any of them knew how to cook anything halfway decent?

“Seriously,” the shocked first cadet whispered.

“Why not?”

“It’s twenty feet in the air,” the second cadet returned.

“Your point, cadet?”

Both cadets immediately thought Selphie was crazy.

“So jump,” the first cadet said excitedly.

“You’re on but after the exam is done.”

Much to the shock and horror of all the cadets on site after the exam the next day, Selphie stood atop the cliff about 200 feet to the right of the waterfall.  She’d stripped down to a bright yellow bathing suit and was waving cheerfully to everyone at the edge of the lake.

And then the adrenaline junkie jumped and through a brilliant stroke of luck, she lived to tell about it another day.

But not before she got chewed out by Quistis for being a reckless fool.


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